on March 18th, 2010

Procedures for 3/18/10

HS 1P/9P (3/18/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will work on their Lesson 9 skit draft. 2) Students will play a charade game to review sentence patterns.

Homework: N/A


1. 1) Missing work (Ryan, Cory, Mitchell, David, Shauna, Cameron, Anthony, Jeremy: lessons 8/9 skit; Mitchell, Kayla, Joel, Cory: audacity). Get them down by tomorrow. Otherwise your grades will be counted zero. 2) Work at computer lab tomorrow.

2. Read Lesson Nine text passages.

3. (9P) Anthony/Benita present their interview result.

4. Group activity: Charade game. Each group writes down three sentences to perform. You can pick them from lesson 2 to lesson 9.

5 (1P) Pair activity: Work/Brainstorm on your skit.

HS 2P (3/18/10)

Objectives: 1) Chinese III students will practice their skit for presentation tomorrow. 2) Chinese II students will learn terms of different fruits & supplies.

Homework: 中文二: 生字一行


1. 1) Ms. Chang returns papers. 2) Turn in your Listening Comprehension packet for credit (). 3) Missing work (Chinese II: Sarah, Kevin, Lauren: audacity; Leshe/Zach: Lesson 4 skit; Brianna: Lesson 8 test; Michael: character assignments; Chinese III: Candace, Michael, Kristine, Christina: Lesson 2 audacity).

2. 中文二: 1) Go over common writing mistakes (, , , , , ). 2) Read/go over text page 55. 3) Learn new characters (, , , , ).

3. 中文三: 1) Practice with your partner for presentation on this Friday. 2) Practice reading text passages on page 38.


: http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=A661&page_n=1&number=18274

: http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=B9CF&page_n=1&number=26679

: http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=BDE6&page_n=1&number=28465

: http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=A4BD&page_n=1&number=17532

: http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=A571&page_n=1&number=17971

MS 3P (3/18/10)

Study Hall at Cafeteria

MS 5P (3/18/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will gain geographical knowledge about China through a reading packet activity. 2) Student will apply their greeting terms in a skit they create.ch

Homework: N/A


1. 1) Ms. Chang returns papers. 2) Quick review.

2. Quiz #1.

3. Work on/present your skit.

4. Pair activity: work on reading packet. Collect at the end of the class.

5. Video clip: Chinese rapping.

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