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Procedures for 3/26/2010

HS 1P/9P (3/26/10)

Objectives: Students will review for quiz and audacity on next Tuesday/Wednesday.

Homework: Study your for your quiz on next Tuesday and audacity on next Wednesday.


1. 1) Take one copy of Lesson 9 study guide. (9P) Return papers. 2) Change seats on next Tuesday, 3/30. 3) Computer lab work on 3/31 and 4/1. 4) Gather all digital images for next Tuesday. Will collect your draft #3 for grades at the end of the class. 5) Missing work (1P: Colin; 9P: David, Shauna, Joel, Benita, Kayla, Claire).

2. Go over study guide.

3. Read text passages on pages 77-79.

4. (1P only) Class work: WB page 62. Go over the answer key.

5. Read text page 83 for quiz listening comprehension section.

6. Practice sample writing question on dry erase board.

7. Puzzle page, if time allows.

HS 2P (3/26/10)

Objectives: Students continue to build vocabulary.

功課: 1) 中文二: 生字一行 2) 中文三: 生字一行


1. 1) Ms. Chang returns papers and checks your WB pages. (中文二: WB page 38 Section C/page 40 Section E; 中文三: WB page 32 / Section E#1-2; WB page 39 #1-5). 2) Change seats on next Tuesday, 3/30. 3) Check ProgressBook over the weekend. E-mail Ms. Chang for any discrepancies. Prepare your work as proof, please. 4) Makeup work (Kaitlyn: Lesson Five mini quiz; Brianna: audacity; Zach/Kaitlyn/Alex/Michael/Kevin: writing assignment).

2. 中文二: 1) Read text passages on pages 56-57. 2) Independent study: Learn new characters (, , , , ). Read supplementary materials handout.

3. 中文三: 1) Read text passages on pages 40-41. 2) Independent study: Learn new characters (, , , , ). Read supplementary materials handout.


(Tián: sweet): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=B2A2&page_n=1&number=23591

(Suān: sour): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=BBC4&page_n=1&number=27468

(Fēi: extremely): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=AB44&page_n=1&number=20326

(Chuàn: cluster): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=A6EA&page_n=1&number=18539

(Gòng: altogether): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=A640&page_n=1&number=18241


(Jǐn: tight): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=BAF2&page_n=1&number=27195

(Cì: pierce, stab): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=A8EB&page_n=1&number=19502

(Jī: stir up or excitement): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=BF45&page_n=1&number=28975

(Zhēn: detective): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=B0BB&page_n=1&number=22654

(Tàn: detective): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=B1B4&page_n=1&number=23128

MS 3P/5P (3/26/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will take unit #2 (numbers) quiz today. 2) Students will start unit #3 today.

Homework: 5-sentence paragraph.


1. 1) 5-sentence paragraph due on 3/30. 2) Quiz #3 on next Thursday (4/1). 3) Quick review. 4) Quiz #2. 5) Missing work (3P: Kent/David: Skit; 5P: Jasmine: characters).

2. Teach unit #3 terms (father, mother, older brother/sister, younger brother/sister).

3. Origami activity: Pinwheel/gift box. Collect for grades.

4. (3P) Culture reading: Chinese school system.

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