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Procedures for 4/12/10

HS 1P/ 9P (4/12/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will work on lessons 8/9 skit. 2) Students will continue software evaluation process.

Homework: Lessons 8/9 skit due on Wednesday (the beginning of class).


1. 1) Take one copy of lessons 8/9 skit checklist. 2) The following students talk to Ms. Chang, please (9P: Ryan, Cory—makeup lesson quiz/audacity). 3) Missing PP draft #3? 4) Software evaluation will continue for the entire week. 5) Work on your skit at 2F lab tomorrow.

2. Quick Monday sharing.

3. Go over checklist.

4. Work on/Finalize your skit w/your partner. Practice your presentation. + Software evaluation.

HS 2P (4/12/10)

Objectives: Students will brainstorm / work on their skit.

Homework: Review your textbook for sentence patterns. All work due on next Monday (4/19/10).


1. 1) Chinese II students take one copy of skit checklist. 2) Makeup mini quiz (Rachel, Marissa, Dean) tomorrow. 3) Software evaluation will continue for the entire week.

2. Whole class activity: Monday sharing (in English + Chinese).

3. Chinese III students go over Lesson 3 Application / Chinese II students go over checklist.

4. Brainstorm / Work on your skit or application.

MS 3P/5P (4/12/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will start unit #4 (colors) today. 2) Students will continue to build sentences for their oral presentation.

Homework: Review learned color terms.


1. (3P) 1) Quick review (4 siblings terms, 8 Chinese characters). 2) Quiz #3. 3) Unit #4 quiz on this Friday. 4) Students who turned in 5- or 10-sentence paragraph will get bonus points. 5) Monday sharing.

2. (5P) 1) Makeup quiz (5P: Taylor, Madie M., Tim). 2) Unit #4 quiz on this Friday. 3) Art project due on next Wednesday. Oral presentation on next Thursday/Friday. 4) Monday sharing. Collect 10-sentence paragraph.

3. Teach new terms (read, black, white, yellow).

4. Go over / Build sentences #6-7. (3P) Pair practice reading sentences #1-5.

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