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Procedures for 4/26/10

HS 1P/9P (4/26/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to read Lesson Ten text passages fluently. 2) Students will be able to answer simple questions about their physical appearance, grade, and friends.

Homework: Practice Lesson Text passages for audacity on Thursday, 4/29.


1. 1) Missing work (1P: Voki: Nathaniel, Ashley, Bryan, Devon, Ericka, Ryan; paragraph: Nathaniel, Ashley, Ericka; Paragraph in Chinese characters: ???). Papers without name (9P: Mitch, Cory?). 2) Return paper (paragraph, characters). 3) Check Progress Book for grades, please. 4) 9P: Anthony, Shauna talk to Ms. Chang about your Voki. (9P: Benita, Panmela, Daniel, Jeremie, David, Eddie, Kayla, Cory–missing Vok), missing paragraph in Chinese: Jeremie, Derek, Eddie, Kayla, Cameron, Tyler, Daniel, Cory, Benita; missing paragraph in Pinyin: Kayla, Cory, Mitch). Points will not be deducted for being late if you turn in your Voki by tonight.

2. Monday Sharing.

3. Go over text passages on pages 85-87.

4. In class conversation Q/A session.

5. Finish up work / free time.

HS 2P (4/26/10)

Objectives: 1) Chinese II students will be able to show their mastery of Lesson 5. 2) Chinese II students will work on review and practice of Lesson 3.

Homework:1) 5-sentence oral Monday Sharing tomorrow. 2) Chinese III: invitation card w/art work. Due next Monday. 3) WB page 39 / Section L.


1. 1) Audacity this Thursday (4/29). 2) 中文三: Lesson Three test this Friday.

2. 中文二: 1) Quick review. 2) Lesson 5 test.

3. 中文三: Work on WB page 34 / Section G in pairs. Answer key will be e-mailed home with Lesson 3 text passages after school this afternoon.

HS 3P/5P (4/26/10)

Objectives: A) 3P students will be able to 1) complete a Student Inventory worksheet in class, and 2) explore geographical knowledge about China through a reading activity. B) 5P 7th grade students will be able to work on a Student Inventory worksheet in class, learn 3 Chinese greetings terms and Ms. Chang’s Classroom Rules.

Homework: N/A


1. 3P 1) Take attendance. 2) Students sit on assigned seat. 3) Team assignment (7/8 R/B/W) will be recorded. 4) Pass out/Complete Student Inventory worksheet. Collect. 5) Pass out reading packet: China. Complete 10 questions on page 4. Collect. 6) Pass out Ms. Chang’s Classroom Rules and Grading Policy.

2. 5P 7th grade students: 1) Pass out / Go over Ms. Chang’s Classroom Rules. Signature due on this Friday. 2) Pass out / Learn 3 Chinese greetings terms. 3) Pass out / Work on Student Inventory worksheet.

** No 5th Period today due to OAA revised schedule.

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