on April 20th, 2010

Procedures for 4/20/10

HS 1P/9P (4/20/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to use descriptive words to describe themselves. 2) Students will practice reading for audacity recording.

Homework: 10-sentence paragraph about yourself in pinyin


1. 1) Take one copy of Lesson Ten Supplementary Materials handout. 2) Turn in your character assignment. 3) Ms. Chang checks your WB page H/W.

2. Review the song “Where’s My Friend?”

3. Go over text passages on page 85.

4. Go over handout.

5. Write sentences about your physical appearance (height, hair color, hair, eyes, ears, nose, eyebrow, mouth, face, built) in pinyin. Complete as homework assignment tonight.

Sentence pattern: Wǒ de < body part > 1) hěn / bù < adjective > / 2) < adjective adjective > de

e.g., Wǒ de tóu hěn dà => wǒ de tóu bú dà => wǒ de tóu dà dà de

HS 2P (4/20/10)

Objectives: Students will be able to apply what they learn in Lesson 3 / Lesson 5 in creating a skit or PowerPoint presentation.

Homework: 1) Study for test on next Monday (4/26/10). 2) Prepare audacity reading.


1. 中文二: 1) Independent work: Study Lesson 5 text passages for audacity. Work with your partner for tomorrow’s performance. 3) Listen to CD / WB page 46 / Section K. Go over the key (Fèng lí = Bō Luó = pineapple).

2. 中文三: 1) 學新生字 (, , , , ). 2) Go over common mistake () + usage of ( whole: 一整天, 一整個, 一整本書, 一整盤炒飯…). 3) Go over text passages on page 42. 4) Independent work: study sentence patterns on page 46-47.

3. PPT/Skit presentation. Team competition.

MS 3P/5P (4/20/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will apply terms for body parts to game/song. 2) Students will explore Chinese Tangram pieces game.

Homework: Work and complete your art project. Due tomorrow.


1. Practice your 10-sentence oral presentation. Go over all 10 sentences for common mistakes/difficult syllables.

2. Quick review of all supplementary terms (sports, animals, etc).

3. Tangram pieces: Part II.

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