on April 21st, 2010

Procedures for 4/21/10

HS 1P/9P (4/21/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to know the procedure to create a Voki. 2) 9P students will be able to learn enrichment materials today.

Homework: (1) 1P students only—one row for each new character. 2) Write sentences about your physical appearance and friend. Due on this Friday. 3) Play around Voki website tonight.


1. 1) (9P) Take one copy of Body Parts handout. 2) Return all papers. 3) Turn in your 10-sentence paragraph at the end of the class. 4) Work on creating a Voki at 2nd F. Lab tomorrow. Audacity recording on next Thursday (4/29).

2. (1P) Learn new characters (, , , , ).

3. Introduce Voki creation.

4. (9P) Go over Body Parts handout.

5. (9P) Sing the song “Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Shoulder.”

6. Work on your sentences about your physical appearance and your sentences about your good friend (name, age, grade, physical appearance, her family–optional). You will need this sentences for your PPT.

(cháng / zhǎng: long / chief): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=AAF8&page_n=1&number=20315

(duǎn: short): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=B575&page_n=1&number=24699

(dōu: all, both): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=B3A3&page_n=1&number=23911

(xiào: school): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=AED5&page_n=1&number=21879

(bān: class): http://stroke-order.learningweb.moe.edu.tw/word_detail.jsp?big5=AF5A&page_n=1&number=22109

HS 2P (4/21/10)

Objective: Chinese III students will finish up their PPT presentation today.

Homework: Chinese II students practice your skit.


1. Audacity recording on next Thursday (4/29).

2. 中文三: 1) Finish up your PPT presentation. Team competition.

3. 中文二: 1) Independent work: Study Lesson 5 text passages for audacity. Study Lesson 5 study guide.

MS 3P/5P (4/21/10)

Objective: Students will finish up / turn in their art project today.

Homework: Practice your oral presentation.


1. 1) Students take turns uploading their PPT, if necessary. 2) Sign up if you do not want to present your oral presentation in class.

2. Turn in the art project if it is a drawing, craft, etc. Students are allowed to work on other subjects’ H/W, if art project is done.

3. Work on tangram pieces and complete 5 tasks to earn a piece of candy.

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