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Procedures for 5/6/10

HS 1P/9P (5/6/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will continue to learn new characters in Lesson Eleven. 2) Students will view a documentary about giant pandas in 1930s.

Homework: One row for each new character.


1. 1) Turn in your character assignment. 2) Return your papers (characters, PPT, etc).

2. Go over sentence patterns for birthday and students who do not have pets at home.

3. Write your sentences. Save and enter into your PPT draft.

4. Learn new characters (, , , , ).

5. Go over text passage on text 93.

6. DVD: China: The Panda Adventure (Ruth Harkness, 1936)

7. Practice conversation questions.

(dōng: east, stuff):

(zhì: govern, sandwich):

(guǒ: fruit):

(zhī: juice):

(cài: vegetable, cuisine):

HS 2P (5/6/10)

Objectives: 1) Chinese III students will be able to communicate about birthday celebrations, including giving and replaying to invitations, buying and receiving gifts, and attending parties. 2) Chinese II students will be able to hold telephone conversation on various occasions.

Homework: 1) 生字一行 2) Practice conversation.


1. 1) 中文三take one copy of conversation questions handout. 2) Turn in your character assignment. 3) Return your papers (characters).

2. 中文三: 1) Learn new characters (, , , , , ). 2) Go over sentences on pages 62-63. Independent work: 3) Practice conversation questions.

3. 中文二: 1) Learn new characters (, , , , ). Independent work: 2) Read text passages on pages 82-83. 3) Practice conversation questions.

4. DVD: China: The Panda Adventure (Ruth Harkness, 1936).


(bào: hold, sorry):

(qiàn: sorry):

(néng: can):

(zhù: wish):

(xiàng: item, neck):

(liàn: chain):


(guān: close, matter, connection):

(xī: matter, connection):

(duì: correct):

(qǐ: get up):

(jiē: pick up):

MS 3P/5P (5/6/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will create a skit by applying at least 7 different basic greeting terms. 2) Students will finish cutting paper patterns.

Homework: Review for quiz tomorrow.


1. 1) Return all papers (reading packet, 5-sentence paragraph, characters). 2) Quick review.

2. (3P) Teach Chinese characters (, ). Collect.

3. Finish culture reading: Pronunciation. (3P) Browse through Chinese publications.

4. Finish two paper cutting patterns. Check completeness for grades.

5. Pair/Group work: Write a skit.

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