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Procedures for 9/9/10

Procedure for HS 1P (9/9/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will finish up learning 14 simple Chinese characters.  2) Students will showcase their mastery of Basic greetings unit and tones.

Homework: Review all 14 learned Chinese characters


  1. 1) Take one copy of pinyin foundation, bpmf and dtnl handouts.  2) Turn in your reading packet answer sheet.  3) Quiz #2: 9/16.
  2. Quick review of all learned terms.  Questions?  Take quiz #1.
  3. Continue to learn Chinese simple characters (石, 土, 天, 大, 小, 中).  Collect.
  4. Go over Pinyin Foundation handout (page 1).

Procedure for HS 2P (9/9/10)

Objectives: Students will learn several adverbs to express frequency.

Homework: Make 6 sentences (尤其, 常常, 時常, 平常, 有時候, 不常).


  1. 1) 簡傑明和莫凱琳finish your test.  Missing work (簡雅莉, 安絲莉).  Makeup test (簡雅莉).  2) Return test papers.
  2. Learn/teach new characters (關, 係, 尤, 其, 飲).
  3. Review/Preview all phrases used in lesson 8 (剛好, 剛剛, 對不起, 沒關係, 因為所以, 可以, 常常, 時常, 平常, 有時候, 不常, 尤其, 可是, 改天, 吃便飯, 請坐, 點菜, 還有, 還是, 對了, 沒問題, 結帳, 盛飯, 隨便, 自己來, 別客氣, 不客氣, 沒什麼).
  4. Read/explain text passages on pages 93-95.

Procedure for HS 9P (9/9/10)

Objectives: Students will be fluent in expressing dates and weekdays.

Homework: 1) Review all learned phrases and characters.  2) Read text passages on pages 1-3/


  1. 1) Take one set of Lesson One Supplementary Materials handout.  2) Talk to Ms. Chang if it is specified in Progress Book.  3) Return quiz papers.  4) Missing work (Anthony, Colin).  5) Quiz #2: Thursday, 9/16.
  2. Teach new characters (為, 概, 知, 道).
  3. Go over/Review terms in handout (可以, 以為, 那麼, 大概).
  4. Practice sentence patterns (dates, birthday year, and nationality) in conversation.  Q/A session.
  5. Computer interactive game.

Procedure for MS 3P (9/9/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to brainstorm ideas for their art project.  2) Students gain knowledge about China.

Homework: Review all learned numbers and characters.


  1. 1) Quiz #2, Tuesday, 9/14.  2) Ms. Chang won’t be attending 7th grade Open House.  3) Missing work: Kevin (reading packet/characters).
  2. Review learned numbers and Chinese characters (1-6).
  3. Cut paper patterns.  Collect for grades.
  4. DVD: places in China (General information, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hong Kong).
  5. Showcase Art projects.

Procedure for MS 5P (9/9/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will start to learn consonants systematically.  2) Students will master numbers 1-6.  3) Students gain geographical knowledge about China.

Homework: Review all learned terms and sounds.


  1. 1) Quiz #2: Tuesday, 9/14.  2) Take one set of Pinyin Foundation, bpmf, and dtnl handouts.  3) Turn in your Reading Packet homework.  4) Showcase/Browse through our textbook.
  2. Teach numbers/Chinese characters (5-6).
  3. Dictation on dry erase board.
  4. DVD: Places in China.
  5. Go over Pinyin Foundation (page 1).

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