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Procedure for HS 1P (9/14/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will review numbers/characters for numbers 7-10, 0 and 100.  2) Students will be able to produce/discriminate m and f consonants.

Homework: 1) Chinese characters (7-10, 0, 100).  2) Review learned b, p, m, and f sounds.


  1. 1) Take one set of stroke order and counting zero to one hundred handouts.  2) Quiz #2 may need to move to Friday.  3) Missing work (characters, reading packet, quiz#1).
  2. Review numbers (1-6).  Teach numbers/characters (7-10, 0 and 100).
  3. Play audio file (1-7).
  4. Review final part of f sounds.
  5. Dictation on dry erase board (m, f).

Procedure for HS 2P (9/14/10)

目標: Students will acquire polite expressions and commonly used phrases.

功課: 1) Make at least 3 sentences out of 4 phrases (還有, 還是, 結帳, 盛飯).  2) Finish 4 Chinese characters.


  1. 1) Take one copy of Lesson Eight text passages.  2) Work without name (?).  3) 戴約賽, 簡雅莉, 史樂雪talk to Ms. Chang, please.
  2. Review/teach all phrases used in lesson 8 (剛好, 剛剛, 對不起, 沒關係, 因為…所以, 可以, 常常, 時常, 平常, 有時候, 不常, 尤其, 可是, 改天, 吃便飯, 請坐, 點菜, 還有, 還是, 對了, 沒問題, 結帳, 盛飯, 隨便, 自己來, 別客氣, 不客氣, 沒什麼).  Demonstration.
  3. Teach new characters (還, 結, 帳, 盛).
  4. Go over Supplementary materials handout.

還 (hái: still):

結 (jié: complete, end):

帳 (zhàng: bill, account):

盛 (chéng: serve, add):

Procedure for HS 9P (9/14/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will practice simple dialogue with sentence patterns in Lesson One.  2) Students will complete acquiring new characters in lesson one.

Homework: Complete character writing assignment (胎, 蛋, 糕, 祝, 快, 樂).


  1. 1) Take one copy of Lesson One text passages and one copy of conversation questions.  2) Turn in your sentences, if required.
  2. Teach new characters (胎, 蛋, 糕, 祝, 快, 樂).
  3. Read text passages on pages 1-4.
  4. Pair activity: Conversation practice.
  5. Computer interactive game: Reading comprehension (lesson 2).

胎 (tāi: fetus):

蛋 (dàn: egg):

糕 (gāo: cake—rice, Chinese New Year’s cake, western style cake):

祝 (zhù: wish):

快 (kuài: fast):

樂 (lè: happy):

Procedure for MS 3P (9/14/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be familiar with Chinese counting principle.  2) Students will demonstrate their mastery of number unit.

Homework: Review learned terms (family unit).


  1. 1) Quiz review of sounds / characters (0-10, 100).  2) Take quiz #2.  3) Collect numbers characters homework.
  2. Culture reading / Teach fist guessing game.

*    39 minutes today.

Procedure for MS 5P (9/14/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to discriminate b, p, m, and f consonants.  2) Students will learn Chinese counting principle and count from 0 – 999.

Homework: Review all learned syllables/characters.


  1. Quiz #2 may need to move to Friday.
  2. Quick review/Dictation of 8 Chinese characters w/sounds and numbers w/Chinese characters (0-10, 100) on dry erase board.
  3. Teach m and f sounds.
  4. Dictation / practice on dry erase board w/b. p, m, f and listening comprehension of numbers on dry erase board.

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