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Procedures for 10/8/10

Procedure for HS 1P (10/8/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will redo Lesson Three audacity recording.  2) Students will gain cultural understanding about China through viewing BBC video clips.  3) Students will explore a website resource to read information about Pinyin and listen to the consonant pronunciation.

Homework: Review learned syllables and characters.


  1. 1) Take one microphone (if required) and one copy of procedure.  2) Ms. Chang checks WB.
  2. Make recording, if required.
  3. Log onto: 1) to view basic greetings and introduction to Chinese language and games; 2) second website resource: to learn about Pinyin and initials.
  4. Go to P drive, click Ms. Chang’s folder, click Ni Hao 1 game.  Enter your name and HS 1P as your class.  Select lessons 1-3 and enjoy the review games.

Procedure for HS 2P (10/8/10)

目標: 1) Students will demonstrate their fluency of new vocabulary in Lesson Nine.  2) Students will present their Lesson Eight skit.  3) Students will be able to express highest and lowest temperatures in a weather report.

功課: WB page 76.


1.     1) Turn in your Hunting Words worksheet.  2) Highlight vocabulary for quiz on next Monday (下雨, 刮風, 涼快, 暖和, 下雪, 冷, 但是, 最高, 氣溫, 最低, 天氣, 夏天, 冬天,   春天, 秋天).

2.      Skit presentation.

3.      Conversation practice: highest/lowest temperatures.

Procedure for HS 9P (10/8/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able review learned materials through a typesetting activity.  2) Students will gain fluency through reading text passages.

功課: Review for quiz on Monday, 10/11.


1.      1) Turn in your Hunting Words worksheet and Pen Pal letter w/ checklist.  2) Qick review.  3) Lesson Two quiz #2 is postponed to next Monday.

2.      Read text passages on pages 16-19.

3.      Typesetting activity (reading skill).

Procedure for MS 3P (10/8/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to know Ms. Chang’s grading policy and expectations.  2) Students will practice greeting terms through a community-building activity.

Homework: Review 4 learned terms.


1.      1) Review four learned terms (Ni Hao, Ni Shi), 2) Quiz #1 on Tuesday, 10/19.

2.      1) Go over team assignment.  2) Go over Ms, Chang’s Grading Policy.

3.      Teach new terms (Wo Shi, Zai Jian).

4.      Pass out/go over the Introduction to Pinyin handout.

5.      Build community activity.

6.   Self-introduction.

Procedure for MS 5P (10/8/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will gain fluency in greeting terms through a community-building activity.  2)

Homework: 1) Workbook page 13.  2) Write 4 Chinese characters.


1.      1) Quiz #4: next Thursday, 10/14.

2.      Dictation (r, z, c, s).

3.      Whole class activity: tossing ball and practicing introduction.

4.      Learn new characters (們, 早, 再, 見).

5.      Go over website resources/interactive games/audacity recording rules.

6.      Work on WB homework assignment.

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