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Procedures for 10/25/10

Homeroom (10/25/10)


  • Red Ribbon Week: Ms. Chang passes out red ribbons today.  During the week a member of SADD will be going to various rooms throughout the day to pass out candy to those who are wearing their ribbons.
  • Bling My Belt – On Thursday, October 28th, C.A.P.A. and Ganley Motors will be sponsoring the BBHHS “Bling your Belt” contest. Students in costume will have the opportunity to have their photo taken in an automobile in the lobby promoting seat belt safety. A male and female entrant will be selected as the BBHHS “King and Queen of Bling,” and awarded $100.00 at an upcoming varsity game. Winners will also be eligible for a $500.00 award from the State of Ohio for their photo.
  • Halloween Dress-Up day: On Thursday, 10/28, the International Club will be sponsoring the event and they will charge $2.00 at the door.  The costume guidelines

1.  No weapons or any implements that could be used as a weapon including look-alikes.

2.   No costume displaying or using props that make reference to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.

3.   No costume should be worn that will interfere with class/lab operations or that could be harmful to self or others (safety first).

4.   Costumes should be tasteful—nothing with reference to material that is obscene, suggestive, revealing, offensive, sexual innuendo, etc.

5.   No props that will stain or damage furniture or equipment.

6.   No masks or face coverings that hinder identification—including face or body painting.

7.   Any hats or head covering must directly relate to the costume.

8.   The classroom teacher will have final discretion and decision-making authority as to the appropriateness of any costume if it impacts the learning environment in a negative manner.

  • OGT week: R- Reading  –  Monday  10/25; M- Math – Tuesday  10/26; W-Writing – Wednesday  10/27; S- Science – Thursday  10/27; C- Citizenship – Monday 11/1
  • Fall Play –here will be a student matinee of our Fall play “Romeo & Juliet” on Thursday, November 4th, from approximately 7:40 – 10:20AM. $3 tickets ($1 will go to Harvest 4 Hunger) will be sold in English classes this week., and Monday and Tuesday of next week. Students will need to submit an initialed class check sheet prior to purchasing their ticket. HR teachers will receive class sign off sheets to distribute to students wishing to purchase a ticket. Teachers should only initial for students who have demonstrated satisfactory progress and effort in class. Mr. Lesh will provide and attendance sheet by Thursday AM, prior to the play.

Procedure for HS 1P (10/25/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to make a recording of Lesson Two text passages.  2) Students will be able to utilize a website tool to type Hanyu pinyin.  3) Students will be able to utilize a website tool to type Chinese characters.

Homework: Turn in any incomplete lab work tomorrow.


  1. Please get one headset and one handout.  You are going to make a recording and turn in a WORD document with one segment of pinyin and one segment of Chinese characters.
  2. Open the audacity program and make a recording of Lesson Two passages printed in your handout, please.  Export as .WAV file and name the file with your last name.  Drag it to O drive under Ms. Chang’s HS 1P folder, please.
  3. Please log onto www.learningchineseonline.net, click the third selection on left-hand-side menu.  When a new screen appears with explanations, click the underlined “Click here to begin” link on the screen to activate the system.  When a blank screen shows up, type the exact pinyin as shown in the handout.  After you finish typing, cut and paste the paragraph into a WORD document.  Add your name, save it with your last name.
  4. Please log onto www.inputking.com.  Check Chinese in the main menu, choose either traditional or simplified pinyin in the selection menu and click “Start InputKing” tab in the bottom of the screen to initialize the system.  Once a blank buffer shows up in the middle of the screen, slowly type the pinyin as shown in the handout.  While you type, the corresponding Chinese characters will pop up for you to select.  Use the cursor to move up or down or PageDown key to move to next page and search for the character you need.  Use the sample paragraph in the handout to compare and confirm you have the right characters.  After you are done with the whole paragraph, cut and paste your Chinese character paragraph into your previous WORD document of pinyin.  Save it, print it out and turn it in.  Well done!

Procedure for HS 2P (10/25/10)

目標: 1) Students will be able to demonstrate their mastery of Lesson Nine text through reading selected passages.  2) Students will review Ni Hao 2 curriculum by completing WB review pages.

功課: 1) Complete WB page 84.  2) WB page 88.


  1. 1) Take one copy of Lesson Nine Text Passages, Study Guide w/Oral Exam Conversation Questions, and Lesson Nine Skit Checklist.  2) Check ProgressBook for your current standing.  Report any discrepancies.  3) Draw numbers/slips for the order of taking audacity.
  2. Take turn reading your highlighted Lesson Nine passages to Ms. Chang.  Meanwhile while you are waiting for your turn, please complete WB page 84, and carefully study the Study Guide, Skit Checklist, and oral exam conversation question list.

Procedure for HS 9P (10/25/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to showcase their speaking skill in their first quarter oral exam today.  2) Students will practice Lesson Two text passages.

功課: 1) WB page 86 (#1-#3, #5).  2) Write down definitions for all characters in Lesson Three Characters worksheet.  3) Review Lesson Two text passages.


  1. 1) Turn in your final draft of pen pal letter.  2) Makeup test (Anthony).  3) Check ProgressBook for your current standing.  4) Audacity recording: Monday, 11/1.  5) Take one copy of Lesson Three characters worksheet.
  2. Review conversation questions.
  3. Take turns taking your first quarter oral exam.

Procedure for MS 3P (10/25/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to use Chinese counting principle to complete a connecting the dots activity and review Chinese characters for numbers.  2) Students will be able to review Chinese characters (picture and numbers) through a hunting character activity.

Homework: Study for unit #2 quiz tomorrow.


  1. 1) Review simple Chinese characters (日, 月, 人, 口, 火, 山, 木, 水, 一, 二, 三 , 四, 五, 六, 七, 八, 九, 十, 百, 零).  2) Pass out newspaper.  Pair activity: Hunting Chinese characters.  Collect!
  2. Review your Number Table.  2) Pass out Connecting the Dots worksheet.  3) Independent work.  Collect!

Procedure for MS 5P (10/25/10)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to start Lesson Four today.  2) Students will be able to review second set of compound vowels today.

Homework: 1) Study/Review new characters.  2) Review learned syllables.


  1. 1) Take one copy of Lesson Four characters worksheet and one copy of compound vowel handout.  2) Check your ProgressBook grades for any discrepancies.  3) Makeup work (Megan, Jordan, Karli—test and/or character worksheet).  4) Return papers (characters).  5) Audacity/Typing pinyin and Chinese characters lesson: Monday, 11/1.  6) No school on Friday.  7) Change seats and Guess Who Is He/She activity for Thursday.
  2. Teach new characters (誰, 馬, 克, 白, 她).
  3. Go over compound vowels handout.
  4. Explain Thursday procedure (changing seats, Guess Who Is He/She, Lab work on Monday).

We also want to thank the team from indexsy for always having our back when it comes to having the best strategies for our website.

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