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Procedures for 1/18/11

Semester Exam at HS (1/18/11)

Procedure for MS 3P (1/18/11)

Objectives: Students will be able to complete and turn in their art project today.

Homework: Practice your oral presentation.


  1. 1) Practice reading your oral presentation draft.  2) Return quiz #4 papers.  3) Turn in your art project.  4) Oral presentation tomorrow.
  2. Seat work: independent study, Tangram pieces, origami, cook books, etc.
  3. Showcase art work / PPT Presentation.

Procedure for MS 5P (1/18/11)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to start an Ancient Chinese unit today.  2) Students will be able to acquire new characters in Lesson Six.

Homework: 1) Write new characters.  2) Research important events in the period assigned to you.


  1. 1) Turn in your revised family paragraph, if you did not turn in on Friday, 1/14.  2) Take one copy of Great Periods in China’s History handout.  3) Makeup test (Keiichi, Kate, Mike–assistant).  4) Pass out your Semester exam grade slip and all answer sheets.  5) Return family paragraph papers (Rachel Lurz, Megan Sullivan, Jordan) – resubmit until you get a yellow check sign (10 points assignment).  Go over format again.  6) Missing work (Keiichi).  7) Confirm names of the captains and assistants, and of those who wrote reading passages (Megan S., Jackie, Karli, Collin, Mike, Genevieve, Sam—2, Priya, Cole, Alex, Ryan).  8) Upcoming events (Wrap dumplings, make Chinese New Year’s decoration, learn Chinese New Year’s song, sing for other FL classes).
  2. 1) Review learned characters (爸, 媽, 哥).  2) Teach new characters (弟, 姊, 姐, 妹).
  3. Divide into groups and collect information of group assignment and members.
  4. Highlight Qin2, Han4, Tang2, Song4, Yuan2, Ming2, and Qing1 dynasties.

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