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Procedures for 5/6/11

Procedure for HS 1P (5/6/11)

Objectives: Students will be able to showcase their mastery of Lesson Ten materials.

Homework: 1) Finalize your script.  Due next Monday.  2) Study for audacity.


  1. 1) Take one copy of Lesson Ten Study Guide.  2) Work at Red Lab next Monday (5/9) –audacity/PPT and next Tuesday (5/10)—Voki creation.  3) Turn in your Skit script and checklist next Monday and Lesson Ten worksheet next Wednesday.  4) Bring in your flash drive w/PPT draft next Monday.  5) Skit presentation: Thursday.  6) Makeup work (Josh, Darian).  7) Return papers.
  2. 1) Go over reading comprehension: text page 91.  2) Go over Study Guide and introduce Voki website,  3) Go over sentence patterns on text pages 88-89.
  3. Writing practice.
  4. Pair work: skit preparation.


Procedure for HS 2P (5/6/11)


Objectives:  Students will be able to polish their reading and speaking skills.

Homework: Study!!


  1. 1) Chapter test Part I: Monday, 5/9/11.  Focus on pages 38-41 with all genre terms + adjectives.  Be sure to be able to read a TV guide (text page 45 + WB page 29).  2) Ms. Chang checks your WB pages 33 + 38 (#5-8) and page 44 homework.  Go over the answer key. 
  2. Read text page 42.
  3. 1) Round robin reading: page 42.  2) Writing practice with sentence patterns (又..又.., 不是…就是, 每 < > 都…., 一點…都沒有, 聽說).


Procedure for HS 9P (5/6/11)

Objectives: Students will be able to showcase their mastery of Lessons Six and Seven materials.

Homework: Study sentence patterns for Part II: writing section test on next Monday.


1.   Turn in your Lessons and Lesson Seven character worksheets next Monday.

  1. Lessons Six and Seven chapter test.



Procedure for MS 3P (5/6/11)

Objectives: 1) Students will be able to write simple Chinese characters.  2) Students will be able to learn basic greeting terms.

Homework: 1) Review learned terms.  2) Write new characters.


  1. 1) Quick review (Ni Hao, Ni Shi, Wo Shi, Zai Jian, Xie Xie, Zhang Lao Shi, Bu Xie, Bu Ke Qi, Wu An, Wan An, Zao, Ni Zao, Zao An, Zao Shang Hao, Dong Le ma, Dong le, Bu Dong, ri).  2) Teach new terms (Dui Bu Qi, Mei Guan Xi).
  2. Teach simple Chinese characters (yue, ren, shui).

Procedure for MS 5P (5/6/11)

Objectives: Students will be able to polish their listening, reading, and writing skills today.

Homework:  WB page 67.


  1. 1) Turn in your 11-sentence paragraph.  2) Work in lab next Thursday and Friday.  3) Captains check WB page 66.  Go over the answer key.
  2. 1) Quick review (朋友, 頭, 臉, 大/小/老/好/女/男朋友, 頭髮, 眼睛, 耳朵, 鼻子, 眉毛, 嘴巴, 長, 短, 上學, 上班, 上網, 年級, 學校, 同學 ó  學生, 同校, 同班, 校車).  2) Read text passages on pages 85-87.  3) Go over reading comprehension: text page 91.  .
  3. Supplementary expressions: 1) 你幾歲  = 你多 (duō) 大; 2) 你上幾年級 你念 (niàn) 幾年級; 3) 他和我同班 ó 他不和我同班  = 他和我不同班.  4) 他是我中文班同學.
  4. Skit preparation: due on Wednesday and perform starting from Monday, 5/16/11.


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