on October 24th, 2011

Procedures for 10/24/11

Procedure for HS Chinese III (10/24/11)

目标 (MùBiāo): 1) I can describe weather condition about a city.  2) I can name various school subject and talk about subject preference.

功课: 1) Practice presenting your project if you have not done so.  2) Memorize subject terms.

程序 (ChéngXù):

  1. Homeroom announcement: 1) Distribute Red Ribbon bracelet.  2) Penny Wars/Think “Pink” – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Football Cheerleaders are sponsoring “Penny Wars” in the cafeteria all week to raise funds for Breast Cancer research. The winning class will get an early dismissal on Tuesday, November 22nd.
  2. 1) Turn in your weather project with checklist, please.  2) Work in media center this Thursday, 10/27/11.  3) Change seats this Wednesday, 10/26/11.  4) Lesson One mini quiz: Monday, 10/31/11.  5) Return your class schedule.  Fix mistakes and turn in for credit, please.
  3. Presentation.



Procedure for MS Chinese I 2P/7P (10/24/11)

Objectives: 1) I can say and recognize characters for simple Chinese greeting terms.  2) I can sight read Hanyu pinyin sentences and text passages fluently.

Homework: 1) Practice reading sentences and Lesson Two passages.  2) Write new characters.  Know their meaning and pronunciation by Wednesday.


  1. 1) Turn in your basic greeting terms/classroom expressions mini project.  2) Take one copy of Compound Vowels (1) handout.  3) Work in the media center (audacity/videos/interview game) next Monday, 10/31/11.  4) Change seats this Thursday.  5) (7P) Confirm your Chinese name.
  2. 1) Quick review (你, 我, 是, 好, 他, 她, 們/们, 老, 師/师, 偉/伟, 李, 蘭/兰, 再, 見).  2) Teach new characters with terms (同, 學/学, 早, 林, 明, 同學/学, 明天, 你早).  3) Go over text passages on page 8.
  3. Pair activity: Practice saying sentences (Review Sounds 1 packet).


Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (10/24/11)

Objectives: 1) I can brainstorm ideas for my art project.  2) I can say simple Chinese numbers and recognize Chinese characters for numbers.  3) I can explain Chinese lucky and unlucky numbers.

Homework: Review learned numbers and characters.


  1. 1) Quick review (yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, qi, ba).  2) Teach new terms and characters (jiu, shi, ling, bai).
  2. 1) CD: number chanting.  2) Culture reading: Lucky and unlucky numbers.
  3. Showcase art project samples.


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