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Procedures for 1/26/12

Procedure for HS Chinese III/IV (1/26/12)

目标 (MùBiāo): I can cook Chinese pot stickers to celebrate Chinese New Year.

功课: 1) (Chinese IV): Study for Lesson Seven chapter test and practice reading text passages on page 97.  2) (Chinese III) Study for Lesson Three chapter test and practice reading text passages on pages 32-33.

程序 (ChéngXù):

  1. 1) Turn in your WB makeup work.  2) Make 5 groups of 4-5 students.  Fill in name in Class Participation Checklist form.  3) Go over simple procedure in room 28.  Leave your stuff here.  4) Volunteers needed for food delivery to main office / attendance office.  Interested?
  2. Simple cooking instructions.  Enjoy your cooking experience.




Procedure for MS Chinese I 2P/7P (1/26/12)

Objectives: 1) I can address family members in Chinese way.  2) I can understand Ms. Chang’s expectations of cooking lesson tomorrow.

Homework: Study for Lesson Six chapter test.


  1. 1) Take your WB.  Fix mistakes.  Go over common mistakes.  2) Makeup work?  3) Making groups.  Write down all group members’ name.  4) Go over simple rubric for cooking lesson Friday.  Go over sentence patterns on pages 47-48.
  2. Culture reading: text pages 52-53.


Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (1/26/12)

Objectives: 1) I can say simple greeting terms.  2) I can acquire cultural and geographic knowledge about China.

Homework: Review learned terms.


  1. 1) Collect signature slip.  2) Quiz #1, Monday, 2/6/11.  3) Quick review (Ni Hao, Ni Shi, Wo Shi, Zai Jian, Zhang Lao Shi).  4) Teach new terms (Xie Xie, Bu Xie, Bu Ke Qi, Wu An, Wan An).
  2. 1) Culture reading: China: page 2.  2) DVD: Beijing, Shanghai.

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