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Procedures for 2/10/12

Procedure for HS Chinese IV (2/10/12)

目标 (MùBiāo): I can apply what I have learned before to write a diary entry, a note for bulletin board and a letter.

功课: 1) One diary entry.  10 sentences long.  Due Monday, 2/13/12.  2) Make sentences (又…又…, 聽/听說, 已經/经, < verb > 得 < adverb >, < verb > 了 < period of time>).   Due on Monday, 2/13/12.

程序 (ChéngXù):

  1. Review terms on page 108 (大概, 覺/觉得 = 想, 又…又, 聽/听說, 已經/经, 改天, 眼睛, 鼻子, 長 ó 短, 大 ó _, 大小, 漂亮, 好吃, 好看, 好聽/听, 壽桃, 月餅, 粽子, 不能 ó 能, 可能, 挺 ó 塌, 所有, 看起來, 吃起來, 聽/听起來, 穿起來, 一樣/样, 都一樣/样, 一家人 = 全家人, 大家).

2.   Review terms on page 109 (最近, 時/时 < adjective > 時/时 < adjective >, 得, 流行性, 感冒, 喉嚨/陇, 咳嗽, 發/发高燒/烧, 頭/头痛, 護/护士, 量, 體/体溫, 症狀/状, 如果…..< 的話 >, 醫/医務室, 行政大樓/楼, 休息).



Procedure for HS Chinese III (2/10/12)

目标 (MùBiāo): 1) I can ask and answer questions about favorite and least favorite TV programs.  2) I can compare and contrast American and Chinese cultural and societal differences through watching a Chinese movie.

功课: 1) Skit final version/presentation due next Monday.  2) Research for your video music.  3) E-mail Ms. Chang your road map over the weekend.  Your road map will be displayed when you present your skit.

程序 (ChéngXù):

1.   1) Turn in your Scenes 7, 8,  & 8-9 movie discussion questions.  2) Take one copy of scenes 10, 11 movie discussion questions.  3) Pair activity: finish up your skit.

2.   1) Class activity: WB page 43 interview.  2) Movie time.



Procedure for MS Chinese I 2P/7P (2/10/12)

Objectives: 1) I can use different way to ask questions.  2) I can compare and contrast American and Chinese cultural difference through watching a movie.  3) I can use adverbs to modify adjectives.  4) I can apply what I have learned to create a skit.

Homework: 1) Write new characters.  2) Practice reading text passages 54-55.


1.   1) Captains check WB page 45.  2) Who’s coming for Chinese Club???  3) Need extra time for your skit?

2.   1) Teach new characters with terms (兇, 真, 它, 牠, 啊, 很, 真人, 很好, 很大, 很小, 很兇, 很老, 小姐, 誰啊?  是啊).  2) Read text passages on pages 54-55.

3.   Teach/practice sentence patterns (有沒有 = 有吗/嗎, 这/這是谁/誰的 < objects > = 这/這 < object > 是谁/誰的).

4.   1) Movie time.  2) Pair working time.


Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (2/10/12)

Objectives: 1) I can acquire cultural knowledge about Chinese zodiac animals and Chinese yo-yo.  2) I can explore origami/folding paper.  3) I can count from zero to one hundred.

Homework: Study for your quizzes on Monday and Friday.


1.   1) Quick review (yi 一, er二, san三, si四, wu五, liu六, qi七, ba八, jiu九, shi十, ling零, bai百, ri日, yue月, mu木, shan山, huo火, shui水, ren人, kou口).  2) Quiz #3: Friday, 2/17/12.  Connecting the dots.  3) Pass out number table.  Introduce Chinese counting principle.  Count from zero to one hundred.

2.   1) Culture reading: Chinese zodiac animals.  2) DVD: Chinese yo-yo.

3.   (5P) 1) Pass out colored papers.  2) Prepare colored papers for folding.

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