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Procedures for 2/22/12

Procedure for Chinese IV (2/22/12)—before and after school

目標: 1) I can sight read text passages fluently.  2) I can tell a story in Chinese by creating a comic strip.  3) I can understand the requirements for my comic strip project.

功課: 1) 寫/写新生字. 2) Read text passages on page 108-109 by Friday, 2/24/12.  3) Comic strip project due Friday, 2/24/12.


  1. 1) Return WB.  2) Go over Comic Strip Rubric.  3) Practice reading text passages on pages 108-109.
  2. 1) Teach new characters with terms (午餐, 晚餐, 抵達/达, 應該/应该, 時/时差).  2) Go over text passages on page 110.  .



Procedure for HS Chinese III (2/22/12)

目标 (MùBiāo): 1) I can rearrange characters to make logical sentences.  2) I can review vocabulary for quiz on Friday, 2/24/12.  3) I can sight read sentences fluently.

功课: 1) Scenes 12-18 movie discussion questions due Friday, 2/24/12.  2) Conversation Q/A: Friday, 2/24/12.  3) Vocabulary quiz: Friday, 2/24/12.

程序 (ChéngXù):

  1. 1) Get your WB.  2) Quick review (功夫片, 动/動作片, 动画/動畫片, 音乐/樂片, 历/歷史片, 喜剧/劇片, 科幻片, 新闻/聞, 天气预报/天氣預報, 教育节/節目, 音乐节/節目, 体育节/節目, 电视剧/電視劇, 无/無聊, 流行音乐/樂, 京剧/劇, 歌剧/劇,音乐会/音樂會,频道, 比赛/賽,周/週末,兴/興趣, 部, 场/場, 张/張, 对/對, 古典音樂, 热门音乐/樂,门/門票,电影/電影票). 2) Read text passages on pages 42-45.
  2. Group activity: WB page 52.  Turn in your work as a group.




Procedure for MS Chinese I 2P/7P (2/22/12)

Objectives: 1) I can use adjectives and adverbs to describe pets, people and objects.  2) I can use correct measure words for animals.

Homework: 1) Lesson Eight character definitions.  2) Practice your skit presentation, if not done.  3) Recite 12 zodiac animals on and before Friday, 2/24/12.


  1. 1) Turn in your Lesson Seven character worksheet.  2) Take one copy of Lesson Eight character worksheet.
  2. 1) Lesson Seven chapter test.  2) Practice reciting zodiac animals.





Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (2/22/12)

Objectives: 1) I can say my address in Chinese.  2) I can introduce myself in Chinese.

Homework: Practice reading sentences #1-#7.


  1. 1) Makeup work (3P:Jorja, Jamie; 5P: Matt, Gabriella).  2) Review English address format.  3) Write sentence #7.  4) Read sentences #1-#7.
  2. 1) (3P) Pass out/go over animals handout.  Supplementary terms?  2) (5P) Pass out/go over sports handout.  Supplementary terms?  Pick out one favorite for your sentences 8-9 please.


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