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Procedures for 3/30/12

Procedure for HS Chinese III (3/30/12)

目标 (MùBiāo): 1) I can comprehend oral presentation.  2) I can ask questions in Chinese.

功课: 1) Study your note for presentation quiz: Monday, 4/2/12.  2) Round robin reading (pages 63-65): Monday, 4/2/12.  3) Prepare mini quiz for your video presentation.

程序 (ChéngXù):

  1. 1) Turn in your video project hard copy, video file and rubric.  Get one copy of Lesson Six Text passages.  2) Turn in your WB 62 for Ms. Chang to check.  3) Electronic version of text passages will be e-mailed to you this afternoon.
  2. 1) Welcome our guest speakers, Mrs. Soong and Mrs. Wu.  2) Oral presentation.  3) Interview questions.


 Procedure for MS Chinese I 2P/7P (3/30/12)

 Objectives: 1) I can invite people to do things together.  2) I can sight read text passages fluently.

Homework: 1) Write new characters.  2) Skit project presentation: Monday, 4/2/12.  3) Study for your Lesson Nine chapter test: Thursday, 4/5/12.


  1. 1) Turn in your skit scripts/checklist.  2) Makeup work (2P: Joy, Jonah).  3) Captains check WB pages 60-61.  Go over the answer key.  4) Round robin reading: text pages 77-78.
  2. 1) Teach new characters with terms (喂, 去, 來, 吧, 忙).  2) Teach sentences about invitation and suggestion on text page 79.  3) Check students’ work.  4) (7P) Share interview result.   .

Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (3/30/12)

Objectives: 1) I can say my birthday in Chinese.  2) (3P) I can prepare flash cards for my unit #4: colors.  3) I can acquire cultural knowledge about Chinese zodiac animals.

Homework: Study for your quiz #3: Monday, 4/2/12.


  1. 1) Teach Chinese date format.  2) Construct sentence #5.  Practice reading sentences #1 -#5.  Collect as grade.
  2. 1) Culture reading: Chinese zodiac animals.  2) (5P) Pass out art project samples to brainstorm ideas.
  3. (3P) 1) Pass out colored strips w/index cards.  2) Make colored flash cards.  Check for grades.

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