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Procedures for 4/19/12

Procedure for HS Chinese III (4/19/12)

目标 (MùBiāo): 1) I can talk about my travel plan and my preparation, and read an itinerary.  2) I can ask and answer conversation questions.  3) I can comprehend the letters read to me.

功课: 1) 写新生字.  2) 写信。3) Review your video project content for quiz tomorrow.

程序 (ChéngXù):

  1. 1) Lesson Seven vocabulary quiz: Friday, 4/27/12.  2) Quick review (旅, 旅行, 行李, 旅客, 算, 打算, 暑, 中暑, 假, 假人, 暑假, 春假, 寒假, 参, 参加).  3) Teach new characters with terms (信, 些, 一些, 哪些, 这/這些, 那些, 地, 方, 地方, 安, 西安).  4) Go over text page 74.
  2. 1) Go over text passages on page 57.  2) Conversation Q/A session.
  3. Go over the requirement for your letter (beginning greetings, 3 paragraphs with a minimum of 5 sentences for each paragraph, closure).



Procedure for MS Chinese I 2P/7P (4/19/12)

Objectives: 1) I can name various body parts.  2) I can describe my physical appearance.  3) I can sing a Chinese version “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song.  4) I can play the Chinese version of Simon Says game.  5) I can ask and answer simple questions.  6) I can acquire cultural knowledge about Chinese schools.

Homework: Complete your sentences for physical appearance.


  1. 1) Take one copy of conversation questions handout.  2) Quick review (头/頭,头发/頭髮, 长/長, 短, 脸/臉, 眼睛, 眉毛, 耳朵).  3) Culture reading: text page 92.  4) Review lyrics for “Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes”.  Song time.  5) Play Simon Says game.
  2. Pair conversation questions.  Q/A session tomorrow.



Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (4/19/12)

Objectives: 1) I can introduce myself in Chinese.  2) I can name various body parts in Chinese.  3) I can acquire culture knowledge about Chinese pop music.

Homework: N/A


  1. Take turns reading your 10 sentences to Ms. Chang.  ó Seat work: do homework or enjoy reading Chinese literature work.

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