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Procedures for 5/11/12

Procedure for HS Chinese III (5/11/12)

目标 (MùBiāo): 1) I can talk about my traveling plan, traveling preparation and traveling itinerary.  2) I can gain fluency on sentence patterns through unscrambling sentences.

功课:  1) Study for your Lesson Seven chapter test.  2) Round Robin reading on Monday, if not done today.

程序 (ChéngXù):

  1. 1) Practice reading text passages on pages 77-78.  2) Round robin reading.
  2. 1) Pair activity: WB page 78.  Go over answer key.  2) Pair work: WB page 76.  3) Game time.






Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (5/11/12)

Objectives: 1) I can say simple Chinese number terms.  2) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese tea and Chinese signature animals—pandas.

Homework: 1) Review learned terms.  Move  quiz #2  (7th graders) from Monday, 5/14/12, to Wednesday, 5/16/12.  2) Chinese writing assignment due next Wednesday, 5/16/12.


  1. 1) Quick review (yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, qi, ba, jiu, shi, ling, bai) + 8 picture characters.  2) (2P) Teach new characters (bai).
  2. 1) (2P) Culture reading: Chinese tea + Audio file + DVD: Chinese yo-yo.  2) Showcase Chinese artifacts—tea sets + DVD: Chinese tea.  3) Movie time: The Adventure of Giant Pandas.

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