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Every morning, I wake my boys and then quickly scurry downstairs to get lunches and breakfast ready, as I listen to their little feet walking themselves through teeth brushing, uniform dressing, and bed making. Sometimes it takes my first grader 30 minutes to get through this routine!

But, having my kiddos make their own queen mattress each morning, may be the single best thing I can do for them that day AND to help grow them into good people. Here’s why it’s good for your kiddos and some tips on how to get them to do it.

#1 A first accomplishment. Making their beds at the start of each morning, gives our kids an easy first accomplishment. Their attempt at a two minute task instills a sense of pride and accomplishment, setting a positive tone for other achievements throughout the day.

#2 One simple habit encourages other great habits. If we don’t create good habits for little people, we leave space for them to create bad ones. Research has shown that making your bed each morning, helps other good habits take root as well even like sticking to a budget. For more on this, check out the book The Power of Habit.

#3 Improves overall productivity. Making your bed gets you started with doing for the day and imparts a sense of organization. Experts suggest that if your bed is left unmade in a heap, you tend to muddle through your day. I want my kids to show up ready for learning and Carpe Diem and all that jazz. So, making their bed is a must. And that’s not it, i will also start to get them into helping me do vacuum with the new ones I got from recently.

#4 Helps them get to sleep better. There’s nothing like crawling into a made bed that instills a positive and relaxing mood, helping kids immediately destress from learning, homework, extras and surviving third grade. And, it gets them dreaming quicker.

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