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Procedures for 12/5/12

Procedure for HS 1P Chinese III (12/5/12)

目标: 1) I can prepare for my Lesson Two chapter test oral exam and written test.  2) I can create a story with key question words.  3) I can sight read sentences fluently and accurately.

功课: 1) Study for your oral exam.  2) Story draft due at the end of class period on Friday.


1.  1) Work in Red Lab center tomorrow and Friday.  Return papers.  2) Texting & Driving:  3) Scavenger Hunt.  Students who find all of the statistics posted around the school and fill out the sheet can be entered to win a free t-shirt with the campaign slogan.  Completed entries need to be turned into the cafeteria Thursday and Friday.  Sign pledge cards to not text and drive.  The cards will be posted throughout the cafeteria.  Students and staff will be entered to win a prize which will be distributed during lunch periods Thursday.

2.   1) E-mail Ms. Chang your first pen pal letter by the end of Friday.  2) Captains check WB pages 19 + 22.  Go over answer key.  3) Round robin reading: text pages 18-19.

3.   1) Pass out and go over study guide & story checklist.  3rd partner for your story this time.  2) Review (问题) with sample sentences.  3) Writing practice.




Procedure for MS 2P/7P Chinese I (12/5/12)


Objectives: 1) I can name school supplies.  2) I can sight read pinyin sentences fluently and accurately.  3) I can ask and answer questions to identify item and inquire about ownership.

Homework: 1) Write Chinese characters.  2) Practice conversation questions.  Know sounds of all new characters by tomorrow.  Will check your work tomorrow.


  1. 1) Return papers.  Exit slip: Stephanie, Steelley, Sammy.  2) Quick review (笔, 尺, 毛笔, 剪刀, 刀子).  3) Teach new characters (什么, 这, 那, 的, 谁的, 我的, 你的, 他的, 她的, 我们的, 你们的, 他们的, 她的, 吗).
  2. 1) Introduce sentence patterns.  2) Pass out / go over Conversation Sample Questions handout.
  3. Read 3 Pinyin sentences to Ms. Chang ó Pair activity: Conversation questions practice.




Procedure for MS 3P/5P Exploratory Chinese (12/5/12)


Objectives: 1) I can say simple greeting terms.  2) I can acquire historical, geographical, and cultural knowledge about China and major cities in China.

Homework: 1) Signature slip due tomorrow.  2) Review 3 learned terms.


  1. 1) Any signature slip?  2) DVD: (5P only) Introduction to China / Beijing / Shanghai.
  2. Pair activity: Complete your reading packet.  Collect at the end of the class period.
  3. Pass out / teach 3 basic greeting terms (Ni Hao, Ni Shi, Wo Shi).

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