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Procedures for 1/18/13

Procedure for HS 1P Chinese III (1/18/13)

目标: 1) I can prepare for my midterm.  2) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions.  3) I can acquire cultural and historical knowledge about China through viewing a movie.

功课: Study for your midterm.


  1. 1) Any exam permission slip?  2) Ms. Chang checks your practice problem worksheet.  3) Draw a number for your 3rd quarter seat.  4) Makeup work (卡蕾秋).  5) Go over answer key to sample writing problems.
  2. Movie time.



Procedure for MS 2P/7P Chinese I (1/18/13)


Objectives: I can showcase my mastery of midterm materials.

Homework: Practice your oral exam if you have not done so.


1.   Midterm (multiple choice).  2) Oral exam (2P: Logan, Jake, Steelley, Maisy, Hanna, Kyle, Samantha ; 7P: Justin, Michael, Andrew, Alex, Morgan, Sean, Sarah, Wyatt, Ahkien): Tuesday, 1/22/13.  3) Makeup test (7P: Chloe).



Procedure for MS 3P/5P Exploratory Chinese (1/18/13)


Objectives: 1) I can talk about myself in Chinese.  2) I can acquire cultural knowledge about Chinese food and Chinese martial arts.

Homework: 1) Art project due Tuesday, 1/22/13.  2) Oral presentation delivery: Tuesday-Wednesday, 1/22-1/23.


  1. 1) Read sentences #1-#10.  2) Culture reading: Chinese food.  3) DVD: Chinese dinner etiquette and (3P) martial arts.  4) Chinese One class roster.  5) (5P) Chinese class activities.

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