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Procedures for 2/20/13

Procedure for HS 1P Chinese III (2/20/13)

目标: 1) I can prepare for Amazing Race project.  2) I can prepare for my skit.  3) I can talk about extra curricular activities.

功课: 1) Know all school building/classroom names.  2) Review terms for colors, clothes, weather, fruits, money expressions and math operators.  Be familiar with origami, cutting paper patterns, and tangram.


  1. 1) Pass out Amazing Race supplementary terms & Lesson Four supplementary terms handouts.  2) Read / go over text passages on pages 42-43.
  2. 1) Quick review (音乐会, 节目, 新闻, 比, 比赛, 赛车, 动画片, 迷路, 电视迷, 电脑迷, 球迷, 影迷, 短剧, 电视剧, 歌剧, 京剧, 舞台剧, 无聊, 聊天).  2) Writing practice.  3) Review terms for Amazing Race project.


Procedure for MS 2P/7P Chinese I (2/20/13)


Objectives: I can showcase my mastery of Lesson Seven materials.

Homework: 1) Lesson Eight character definitions due tomorrow. 2) Present your skit tomorrow.


  1. 1) Collect your Lesson Seven character worksheet.  2) Questions?  3) Pass out Lesson Eight character worksheet + text passages + song handout + supplementary terms handouts (professions + animals).
  2. Lesson Seven chapter test ó 1) work on character definitions + 2) work with your partner on your skit.




Procedure for MS 3P/5P Exploratory Chinese (2/20/13)


Objectives: 1) I can say and recognize picture and number characters.  2) I can acquire cultural knowledge about Chinese silk.  3) I can talk about myself in Chinese.

Homework: 1) Review counting principle.  2) Quiz #3: Wednesday, 2/27/13.


  1. 1) Complete origami.  2) Quick review (20 characters).  3) Count from zero to one hundred.
  2. 1) Pass out / go over supplementary handout.  2) Prepare draft paper.  3) Teach new term (sui).  Write and read sentences #1-#2.
  3. 1) DVD: Chinese silk.  2) Quiz #2.

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