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Procedures for 4/17/13

Procedure for HS 1P Chinese III (4/17/13)

目标: 1) I can describe my physical features.  2) I can create a story from pictures.

功课: 1) WB page 62.  Due on Friday.  2) Chinese character writing assignment.  3) Present your story on Friday.


  1. 1) Work on Red Lab tomorrow.  Your letter is due at the end of the class period.  2) Quick review (性, 男性, 女性, 性别, 个性, 随, 随意, 幽默, 幽默感, 奇怪, 胖, 瘦, 挺, 塌, 比, 比较, 高, 矮, 像, 长).  3) Teach new characters (苗, 苗条, 如, 如果…就, 不如, 如意, 跟,俩, 餐, 早餐, 午餐, 晚餐, 三餐, 中餐, 西餐, 餐馆 = 饭馆).  4) Read text passages on pages 62-65.
  2. Group work: finish your story.



Procedure for MS 2P/7P Chinese I (4/17/13)


Objectives: 1) I can read text passages fluently.  2) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions.  3) I can talk about my friends and my school.  4) I can learn the procedure of making audacity recording.

Homework: 1) Chinese character writing assignment.  2) Practice conversation questions.  3) Practice reading text passages on pages 85-86.


  1. 1) Work in Media Center Lab 2 tomorrow.  2) Captains check WB page H/W assignment.  Go over answer key.  3) Quick review (脸, 长 ó 短, 朋友, 鼻子, 耳朵, 嘴巴, 头, 头发, 眉毛, 眼睛).  4) Teach new characters (王, 国王, 怡, 上, 级, 年级, 校, 学校, 校长).  5) Read text passages on pages 85-86.
  2. 2.      1) Go over Audacity Instructions handout.  2) Conversation practice.  3) Conversation Q/A.




Procedure for MS 3P/5P Exploratory Chinese (4/17/13)


Objectives: 1) I can recognize character representation for numbers from one to eighty-four.  2) I can name animals letter in Chinese.  3) I can acquire cultural knowledge about Chinese giant pandas.  4) I can talk about myself in Chinese.

Homework: Practice reading sentences #1-#6.


  1. 1) Return oral presentation draft #1.  2) Pass out / go over 2 animal handouts.  3) Write sentence #6.  4) Read sentences #1-#6.  5) Culture reading: Giant Pandas in China + pictures.
  2. Quiz #3.

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