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Procedures for 4/23/13

Procedure for HS 1P Chinese III (4/23/13)

目标: 1) I can talk about personality traits.  2) I can present a story that I created with my partners.  3) I can read text passages fluently.

功课: 1) Chinese character writing assignment.  2) WB page 63.  3) Round robin reading (pages 64-65) tomorrow.  4) Challenging question (bottom of text page 68)—write it on a slip and turn it in.


  1. 1) Captains check WB page 66.  Go over the answer key.  2) Teach new characters (笨, 笨头笨脑, 管, 管家婆, 各, 各有千秋).  3) Read text passages on pages 64-66.
  2. 1) Group activity: present your story.  2) Complete round robin reading (pages 62-63) ó Independent work (character writing + practice reading text passages + WB).



Procedure for MS 2P/7P Chinese I (4/23/13)


Objectives: 1) I can comprehend / read text passages fluently.  2) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions.  3) I can prepare for my chapter test.

功课: 1) WB page 67.  2) Text pages 88-89.  3) Complete a paragraph about your friend.  4) Oral exam tomorrow & Thursday.


1.   1) 2P students work in Media Center Lab 1 on both Wednesday and Thursday.  7P students work in Media Center Lab 2 on Wednesday and Computer room 213 on Thursday.  2) Captains check WB page 66.  Go over answer key.  3) Read text passages on pages 85-87.  4) (2P) Listening activity: WB page 64.  Go over answer key.  5) Go over text pages 87, 89 & 91.

2.   1) Pass out / go over Lesson Ten Chapter Test Study Guide.  2) Culture reading: text page 92.  3) Conversation questions Q/A.



Procedure for MS 3P/5P Exploratory Chinese (4/23/13)


Objectives: 1) I can create an art project by applying what I have learned in class.  2) (3P) I can name body parts in Chinese.

Homework: Quiz #4 tomorrow.


  1. 1) Quick review (11 colors).  2) Read 10 sentences.  3) Turn in your art project.  Show and tell: interested in presenting your work?
  2. 1) (2P) Pass out / go over body parts handout.  2) (2P) Song time: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.  3) Showcase Chinese I class / Chinese Club activities.

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