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Procedures for 10/7/13

Procedure for MS Chinese I 1P / 2P / 8P (10/7/13)


Objectives: 1) I can discriminate / blend consonants and vowels.  2) I can use addition and subtraction operators to solve math equations in Chinese.

Homework: 1) WB pages 17-18.  2) Review learned syllables and new operator characters.  3) Chinese character writing assignment.  3) Quiz #6: Thursday, 10/10/13.  Lesson Three chapter test: Monday, 10/14/13.


1.      1) Opening routine.  (1P: Emma; 2P: Taylor; 8P: Luke, Ryan) talk to Ms. Chang, please. 2)  Captains check WB page 19.  Go over answer key.  3) Number dictation / Sight-reading / Translate numbers.  4) (1P) Sound out learned syllables (b p m f / d t n l).

2.      1) Teach new characters (, , 等于).  2) Model solving math equations.  3) (2P/8P) Quiz #5.




Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (10/7/13)


Objectives: 1) I can complete my Student Inventory worksheet.  2) I can understand Ms. Chang’s classroom rules and grading policy.

Homework: Signature slip due on this Friday, 10/11/13.


1.   1) Sit on your assigned seat.  Get students’ team assignment information.  2) Show Ms. Chang’s daily blog.

2.   1) Pass out, go over and fill in the Student Inventory.  Collect.  2) Pass out and go over Ms. Chang’s classroom rules.


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