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Procedures for 11/5/13

Procedure for MS Chinese I 1P / 2P / 8P (11/5/13)


Objectives: 1) I can blend / discriminate consonants and vowels.  2) I can identify and welcome people.

Homework: 1) Review learned syllables.  2) Quiz #9 (front and back nasal sounds): Friday, 11/15/13.  3) Chinese character writing assignment.


1.      1) Opening routine.  (8P) Return quiz #8 papers.  Makeup test / work (1P: Emma, Sara, Marissa; 2P: Natalia, James, Taylor, Yui, Abigail, Cameron, Patricia; 8P: Paxton, Logan): 2) Pass out / Go over field trip permission slip.  Check your e-mail for menus.  3) For those who scored under 38.4 out of 48 (written section only) or 43.2 out of 54 (with oral exam added), please take retake application form and return by Thrusday.  Captains check Lesson Four character worksheet definitions.

2.      1) Highlight front nasal sound handout (ian, uan) sections.  2) Pass out Lesson Four text passages slip + back nasal sounds handout + Review Sounds 1 handout.

3.      1) (1P + 2p) Overview of Lesson Four.  2) Teach (, , , , ).


Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (11/5/13)


Objectives: 1) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese zodiac animals.  2) I can talk / write about myself in Chinese.  3) I can understand the requirements for my art project.  4) I can brainstorm ideas for my art project.

Homework: Practice reading sentences #1-#8.


1.      1) (3P) Return Quiz #3 papers.  Makeup work (3P: Tifany, Wilson; 5P: John Andres, Sydney, Sam Z.).  Pass out / go over art project requirements handout.  2) Pass out / go over Animals handout.  3) Teach (xi huan).  4) Write sentence #8.  Read sentences #1-#8.

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