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Procedures for 2/13/14

Procedure for MS Chinese I 1P / 2P / 8P (2/13/14)


Objectives: 1) I can read text passages fluently.  2) (1P) I can present a skit with my partner.  3) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese zodiac animals, the giant panda and pets in China.  4) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions.

Homework: 1) PPT print out + pet picture due tomorrow.  2) Exit slip.  Due in class.  3) Quizlet Lesson Seven vocabulary link,  4) Practice conversation questions.


1.      1) Opening routine.  (HR) Pass out yearbook order form.  Return to the main office in a box labeled with “yearbook.”  Return pet paragraph draft.  Work in computer lab tomorrow (1P: Lab 2; 2P/8P: Lab 1).  Oral exam takes place tomorrow.  2P students use E/I and class time to complete; 8P students use 6P and class time to complete.  Makeup pet paragraph draft (2P; 8P: Troy, Sean, Logan).  3) Read text passages pages 54-56.  4) (2P) Go over Lesson Seven study guide.

2.      1) Culture reading: text pages 63-65.  2) (1P) Skit presentation.  3) Conversation questions Q/A.  4) Culture reading + exit slip: Pets in China.




Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (2/13/14)


Objectives: 1) I can talk about my birthday.  2) I can brainstorm art project ideas from browsing/viewing through art project samples.  3) I can explore Chinese finger guessing game.   4) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese yoyo and Chinese finger guessing game.

Homework: Review 10 Chinese characters for quiz#3 on next Tuesday.


1.      1) Quick review (10 characters).  Return quiz papers.  2) Compare and contrast English and Chinese date formats.  3) Teach terms (sheng ri, nian, yue, ri, de).  4) Write sentence #5.  Practice reading sentences #1-#5.  Collect.

2.      1) Culture reading: Chinese finger guessing game.  2) Video clip: Chinese yoyo.  3) Finger guessing game tournament.  4) Showcase art project samples (PPTs, video).

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