on May 23rd, 2014

Procedures for 5/23/14

Procedure for MS Chinese I 1P / 2P / 8P (5/23/14)


Objectives: I can showcase my mastery of Lesson Eleven materials.

Homework: Study for your semester exam (writing / grammar correction; reading / listening / rearranging scrambled sentences).


  1. 1) Opening routine.  Dress down day money?  Chinese Club food due (2P: Abigail, Jamie, Natalia, Yui, Evy; 8P: Sean, Jenna, Maddy, Sydney).  Makeup work (2P: Jamie; 8P: Rosa, Bryan).  International Club’s Culture Night at HS is from 4-6:30 today.  2) Collect your Lesson Eleven character worksheet, skit printout w/checklist, and PPT printout w/checklist.
  2. 1) Lesson Eleven chapter test.  2) Questions for semester exam?





Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (5/23/14)


Objectives: 1) I can showcase my mastery of counting principle.  2) I can talk about myself in Chinese.  3) I can have fun playing rock-scissors-paper game in Chinese.

Homework: Quiz #4: Friday, 5/30/14.


  1. 1) (3P) Return papers.  Quick review (4 colors).  Makeup work (3P: Nikko; 5P: Jimmy, Winter).  2) Teach new term (zhu zhi, di zhi, lan se, lv se, zi se, zong se).  3) Write sentence #7.
  2. 1) Game time: Chinese finger guessing game.  2) Quiz #3.

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