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Procedures for 12/2/14

Procedure for MS Chinese I 1P / 4P / 8P (12/2/14)

 Objectives: 1) I can sight read pinyin sentences, Chinese characters, and text passages fluently and accurately. 2) (1P) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese invention and characters. 3) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions.

Homework: 1) WB page 31. 2) Review Sounds 2 oral exam: Monday, 12/15/14.


1.  1) Daily greeting routine. (HR) Collect canned food. Audio file for Review Sounds2 handout was e-mailed to you on Friday, 11/28/14. Makeup work (1P: Britney, Guenever / Phoebe; 4P: Ethan M., Kaitlyn, Kerry / Ben, Jeremy, Leon; 8P: Matt, Ada, Suhashith) at 6P today. Introduce utility. Return Review Sounds 1 oral exam grade. Please take retake, if interested. 2) Captains checks WB. Go over text passages and answer key. 3) Character speed recognition.

2.  Go over Review Sounds2 handout sentences #1-#5.

3.  1) (1P) Video clips: (Hello, China – Paper, 纸, 2:42). / (ji3, how many, 0:57) / (bu4/bu2, no, not, 1:12). 2) Oral exam modeling.

Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (12/2/14)

Objectives: 1) I can understand Ms. Chang’s grading policy. 2) I can gain geographic knowledge about China through viewing video clips. 3) I can understand the requirements of answering China reading packet.

Homework: China reading packet due at the end of class period tomorrow.


1.   1) Any signature slip? Makeup work (3P: Samantha; 5P: Savannah, Cooper). 2) Complete Ms. Chang’s grading policy.

2.   1) Introduce and go over China reading packet. 2) Video clips: General Introduction to China / Beijing / Shanghai.


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