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Procedures for 12/16/14

Procedure for MS Chinese I 1P / 4P / 8P (12/16/14)

Objectives: 1) I can introduce my family. 2) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions.

Homework: 1) Chinese character writing assignment. 2) Practice oral exam questions. 3) Lesson Six vocabulary quiz: Tuesday, 1/6/15. Lesson Six oral exam: Wednesday, 1/7/14. Lesson Six chapter test: Friday, 1/9/14. 4) Voki recording is due at the end of the class period tomorrow.


1.  1) Daily greeting routine. Work in media center (1P/8P: Lab 1; 4P: Lab 2) to upload your family paragraph tomorrow. Return your exit slips / Review Sounds2 oral exam papers. Makeup work (1P: Guenever, Alena, Phoebe, Grace; 4P: Cameron, Kylie S., Jeremy, Leon, Ethan P., Evan J., Carlos, Kaitlyn, Caroline, Emily, Liliana, Joey, Ethan M.; 8P: Maddie, Jareth, Matt, David, Anthony, ). Need to come in during E/I to complete the paragraph. 2) Quick review (11 learned Chinese characters). 3) Writing problem practice. 4) (1P/8P) Ms. Chang’s oral Q/A.

2.  1) Teach new characters (也, 叫, 姓, 医, 医生, 学生, 工, 工人). 2) Go over text passages on page 43-44. 3) Pair activity: oral practice.






Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (12/16/14)

Objectives: 1) I can understand Chinese counting principle. 2) I can explore and gain cultural knowledge about Chinese finger guessing game.

Homework: Quiz #3 (connecting the dots): Friday, 1/9/15.


1.  1) Quick review (20 Chinese characters). Return quiz #1 papers. Makeup quiz (3P: Samantha; 5P: Jack, Sam, Camille, Olivia). 2) Go over Chinese counting principle and number table. 3) Count from zero to one hundred. 4) Complete origami products.

2.  Chinese finger guessing game time.

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