on December 9th, 2014

Procedures for 12/9/14

Procedure for MS Chinese I 1P / 4P / 8P (12/9/14)

Objectives: 1) I can name family members in Chinese. 2) I can comprehend text passages. 3) I can sight read pinyin sentences fluently and accurately. 4) (1P / 8P) I can have fun playing finger guessing game. Homework: 1) Study for your chapter test dated tomorrow. 2) Lesson Six Chinese writing assignment. 3) Lesson Five character worksheet due tomorrow.


1.  1) Daily greeting routine. Makeup work (1P: Britney/ Isabelle: Voki—Guenever: recording; 4P: Eric W. / Alec / Carlos—oral exam; 4P: Jeremy, Eric C., Carlos, Kaitlyn, Kerry, Kylie S., Cameron, Joey, Leon: Voki; Evan J., / Hannah L. / Caroline / Ben / Jessy / Evan B., / Hanna H. / Jack—recording; 8P: Ada / Maggie / Jonathan—Voki; Suhashith / Adelyn / Maddie / David / Matt / Andrew C. / Anthony–recording). 2) Go over text pages on 32-35 / 3) Culture reading: text pages 40-42. 4) Reading comprehension activity.

2. 1) Teach new characters (爸爸, 妈妈, 哥哥, 弟弟, 姐姐, 妹妹). 2) (1P/8P) Finger guessing game. 3) Pair activity: reading sentences #1-#22.

Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P/5P (12/9/14)

Objectives: 1) I can say simple Chinese greeting terms. 2) I can write simple Chinese characters. 3) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese characters and Chinese school daily routine. 4) I can use chopsticks to pick up food.

Homework: Review 17 learned greeting terms and 8 picture characters.


1. 1) Quick review (14 terms + 6 characters). Makeup work (3P: Julia, Sam, Analina—China reading packet; 5P: Becky—signature slip; Alex, Cade and Patrick—paper patterns). 2) Teach new terms (shang ke, xia ke, tong xue men hao). 3) Teach new characters (sun, moon). Collect.

2. 1) Video clips: (5P) sun / moon / A Day at school. 2) Chopsticks practice.

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