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Procedures for 5/14/15

Procedure for MS Chinese I 1P / 4P / 8P (5/14/15)

Objectives: 1) I can present a skit independently or with a partner. 2) (1P/4P) I can comprehend conversation dialogue. 3) I can prepare for my chapter test.
Homework: 1) Practice conversation questions. 2) Study for your Lesson Eleven vocabulary quiz.
1. 1) Daily greeting routine. Makeup work—character recognition (1P: Grace, Chris, Guenever; 4P: Kerry, Cameron, Joey; 8P: Charlie, Ada, Maddie, Maggie, Anthony) report to Ms. Chang at 6P today. Cross-section skit presentation will be during 6P. Interest in attending Asian Festival this weekend? Ask for a card, please. 2) Captains check WB pages 69/77/79. Go over answer key. 3) Quick review. 4) Skit presentation (4P: Eric C./Eric W.; Megan/Julia; Hanna/Alec; Jessy/Cameron; Emily/Kylie S.; Ethan M./Jack).
2. 1) Writing practice. 2) (1P / 4P) Listening activity: WB pages 70 / (1P) 75. Go over answer key. ).


Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 3P / 5P (5/14/15)

Objectives: 1) I can count from zero to one hundred. 2) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese early inventions. 3) I can explore origami. 4) I can talk about myself in Chinese.
Homework: 1) Practice sentences #1-#2. 2) Review Chinese counting principle.
1. 1) (3P) Return papers. Makeup work (3P: Hailey, Piper; 5P: 8th graders—writing + paper patterns). 2) Count from zero to one hundred. Pass out quiz #3 papers for review. 2) Go over oral presentation handout. 3) Teach (sui). Write sentences #1-#2. 4) Read sentences #1-#2.
2. 1) Video clips: paper / printing. 2) Origami time.

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