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Procedures for 10/13/15

Procedure for MS Chinese I 3P / 8P (10/13/15)


Objectives: 1) I can blend and discriminate consonants, vowels, and tones. 2) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese names, courtesy of introduction and how Chinese characters develop over the years through viewing video clips. 3) I can identify people in Chinese. 4) I can play number game.

Homework: 1) Review (m, f) sections. 2) Know all four characters by class time tomorrow.


  1. 1) Opening routine. (3P) Return Lessons One and Two test papers. 2) Dictation. 3) Read (b, p) section.
  2. 1) Teach (m, f) sections. 2) Video time: The Story of Chinese characters (我, 你). 3) (3P) Culture reading: Chinese Names / Courtesy in Making Introductions => discussion.
  3. Group activity: Oral practice. / Class activity: Game time.





Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 6P / 7P (10/13/15)


Objectives: 1) I can say / comprehend greeting terms / classroom expressions.   2) I can say / write Chinese number characters. 3) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese school routine, folk art of paper cutting and how Chinese characters evolve over the years through viewing video clips.

Homework: 1) Test #2 (20 Chinese characters): Wednesday, 10/21/15. 2) Review 24 greeting terms + 11 Chinese characters. 3) Complete writing assignment.


  1. 1) Return writing assignment paper. Check PB for your VC activity grade. Makeup work (6P: Breanna / Josh, Kane, Ashton, Conner; 7P: Christian / Aidan). 2) Quick review (21 terms + 8 characters). 3) Teach new terms (xie xie, bu xie, bu ke qi). 4) Teach new characters (一, 二, 三).
  2. Videos: Chinese schools / Chinese paper cuts / (sun, moon, people/person).

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