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Procedures for 1/6/16

Procedure for MS Chinese I 3P / 8P (1/6/16)


Objectives: 1) I can name popular pets with proper measure words. 2) I can prepare for my med-term exam.

Homework: 1) Chinese character writing assignment. 2) Bring in your earbuds / headset for audio file tomorrow.


  1. 1) Opening routine. Take one set of Lessons 7-11 conversation questions handout. 2) share positive mindset and test-taking strategies. 3) Review consonants + vowels. 4) Quick review (狗, 猫, 鸟, 匹, 只). 5) Teach (条, 金, 鱼, 可, 爱).
  2. Study session ó Chang to (8P) Liam.





Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 6P / 7P (1/6/16)


Objectives: 1) I can showcase my mastery of family and colors units.   2) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese roast duck, hot pot, and dumplings. 3) I can brainstorm ideas for my art project through viewing art project samples. 4) I can explore tangram game.

Homework: Brainstorm ideas for your art project.


  1. 1) Quick review (colors + sibling terms). 2) Quiz #2. 3) Video clips: roast duck / hot pot / dumplings.
  2. 1) Showcase art project samples (crafts pictures). 2) Tangram piece game (day 1 and/or day 2).

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