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Procedures for 2/25/16

Procedure for MS Chinese I 3P / 8P (2/25/16)

Objectives: 1) I can talk about my favorite sports in Chinese. 2) I can prepare for tomorrow’s fun station activities.
Homework: 1) Chinese character writing assignment. Know all learned characters by Monday, 2/29/16. 2) Share with Ms. Chang your Movie Unit Story Map / Comprehension Questions by the end of tomorrow.
1. 1) Opening routine. (8P: Julia, Devin) report to Ms. Chang at 6P today, please. 2) Quick review. 3) Video clip: Dragon dance. 4) Teach (运, 动, 运球, 动物, 好运气, 祝你好运, 好棒, 真棒, 很棒, 棒, 棒球, 球棒, 板, 板球, 木棒, 木板, 网, 网球. 球网, 球拍, 拍球, 鱼网, 网子). 5) Go over details for tomorrow’s station activities.
2. Seat work: Practice tangram, origami.

Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 7P (2/25/16)

Objectives: 1) I can create / present an art project by applying what I have learned in Chinese class. 2) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese traditional sports.
Homework: N/A
1. 1) Makeup work (Ben, Lana, Tyler, Maria, Julianna, Emily). Michael D. completes your oral presentation, please. 2) Interested in presentation?
2. 1) Video clips: Chinese yo-yo / Chinese hacky sack.

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