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Procedures for 4/15/16

Procedure for MS Chinese I 3P / 8P (4/15/16)


Objectives: 1) I can name common food items in Chinese.  2) I can talk about my favorite food and drinks in Chinese.

Homework: 1) Know 5 newly learned Chinese characters by Monday, 4/18/2016.  2) Chinese character writing assignment.


  1. 1) Opening routine. Take one copy of food handout.  Return chapter test papers / character worksheet / VOKI checklist.  (3P: Liam) talks to Ms. Chang, please.  2) Introduce Lesson Eleven conversation questions.  3) Go over common writing mistakes ().  4) Teach new characters (饿, 渴, 热, 热狗, 热水, 想, 菜, 小菜, 中国菜, 美国菜, 日本菜, 韩国菜, 菜刀).
  2. Pair practice: conversation questions / skit preparation.






Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 7P (4/15/16)


Objectives: 1) I can understand the importance of acquiring a world language in today’s society.  2) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese pandas, and other artifacts.            

Homework: N/A


  1. 1) Rotate to German class on Monday, 4/18/16. Clean up your Chinese folder for reusable handouts.  Return your art project work (Nina, Kinga, Helen).  2) Quick review (greeting terms, colors, family members, numbers).  3) Promote world language + Chinese language learning.  4) Share Chinese class roster / Chinese class activities.  5) Showcase art project pictures / PPT projects.
  2. PPT:

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