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Procedures for 4/25/2016

Procedure for MS Chinese I 3P / 8P (4/25/16)


Objectives: 1) I can name common food items in Chinese.  2) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions.  3) I can create a skit independently or with a partner.

Homework: 1) Chinese character writing assignment.  2) Skit is due on Friday, 4/29/16.  3P science foundation students turn in on Thursday, please.


  1. 1) Opening routine. (Adam, Daniel, Derrick, Dylan F., Liam / Siena, Jacob, Luke, Dylan C., Julia, Oliver) talk to Ms. Chang, please.  Reminder: cross-section skit pairs!!  2) Quick review.  3) Teach new characters (东, 东西, 春, 春天, 卷, 春卷, 饭, 吃饭, 米饭, 白饭, 炒饭, 炒菜).  4) Go over conversation questions handout.
  2. 1) (3P) Video clip: 东西. 2) Skit time.  3) Conversation question Q/A.





Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 7P (4/25/16)


Objectives: 1) I can say / comprehend Chinese greeting terms and classroom expressions.  2) I can write simple Chinese characters.  3) I can have brief ideas about what Beijing and Shanghai are like.  4) I can gain cultural knowledge about how Chinese characters evolve from pictures.        

Homework: 1) Review 17 greeting terms and 5 Chinese characters.  2) Chinese character writing assignment.


  1. 1) (Kaitlyn, Jordan, Alaina / Sam, Abby, Jennifer) talk to Ms. Chang, please. ?? will be absent this week?  2) Class activity (Xie Xie, Bu Xie, Bu Ke Qi).  3) Quick review (14 terms + 3 Chinese characters).  4) Teach new terms (Dong le ma, Dong le, Bu Dong).  5) Teach (火, 水).
  2. Video clips: Beijing / Shanghai / Animation of characters (山, 木).

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