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Procedures for 5/18/16

Procedure for MS Chinese I 3P / 8P (5/18/16)


Objectives: 1) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions.  2) I can prepare for my final exam.  3) I can create a PPT to talk about myself in Chinese.

Homework: 1) Practice oral exam.  2) PPT presentation starts from Monday, 5/23/16 and completed by the end of Tuesday, 5/24/16.


  1. 1) Daily greeting routine. Return Lesson Eleven chapter test papers, character worksheet, and speed character recognition quiz papers.  Good news to share.  (Serena, Katie, Ryan, Derrick, Dylan) report to Ms. Chang at 6P for oral exam tomorrow.  Take a netbook, turn it on, activate a browser, and set aside.  All 9 VCs are open for access now.  Work at media center (3P: back lab; 8P: front lab) tomorrow.  Please consider to attend Asian Festival over this weekend (11 am – 7 pm).  Come to lunch today, if interested (quota for all items).  2) Showcase sample PPT work (Adam Jones, Alex Wong).
  2. While Ms. Chang conducts final exam oral section ó Seat work: 1) Finalize your PPT. 2) Practice oral exam questions.  3) 4 VCs.




Procedure for MS Exploratory Chinese 7P (5/18/16)


Objectives: 1) I can talk about myself in Chinese.  2) I can name colors in Chinese.  3) I can brainstorm ideas for my art project by viewing sample work.  4) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese yoyo.
Homework: 1) Review learned colored terms.  Quiz #2: Monday, 5/23/16.  2) Brainstorm ideas for your art project.

  1. 1) Pass out color flash cards. Teach (hong se, huang se, hei se, bai se).  2) Pass out / go over animal handout.
  2. 1) Video clip: Chinese yo-yo. 2) Showcase Chinese yoyo and art project sample work.

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