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Procedures for 8/30/16

Procedure for HS 1P/2P Chinese IV Class (8/30/16)

Objectives: 1) I can read text passages fluently.  2) I can skim / scan authentic materials for main ideas and supporting details.  3) I can deliver an oral narration (story).  4) I can create a dialogue based on various scenarios.
Homework: 1) Review p. 87 for in-class activity tomorrow.  2) Draft your 1st speaking task.
1.  1) Take a copy of Lesson Eight text passages.  Check your e-mail for poem / tongue twister handout.  Read text.  Practice tongue twister.  2) Read feedback from Ms. Chang / Ask questions / Narration delivery.   3) Skit cards. Draft your description…

2. Pair activity: Skim / scan local newspaper.


Procedure for MS 5P Chinese I Class (8/30/16)


Objectives: 1) I can tell the differences among various administrative unit in China. 2) I can say / blend / comprehend simple Chinese greeting terms / classroom expressions.
Homework: 1) Know meanings / pronunciations of characters 1-8 for in-class activities tomorrow. 2) Read China reading packet #2 for test.
1. 1) Turn in your China Reading packet #2 homework. (Jakub, Frank, Treyven, Julianna, Karli, Elizabeth) talk to Ms. Chang, please. Take one copy of number table.  2) Video: General Introduction to China. 3) Go over / Highlight key terms on China Reading Packet #2.

2. 1) Quick review (greeting terms: reading / blending).  2) Teach new terms (Qi3 Li4, Jing4 Li3).

3) Pair practice / quiz each other (meaning, pronunciation, blending, memorize in writing your Chinese name) <=> Read your Chinese name to Ms. Chang.


Procedure for MS 7P Exploratory Chinese Class (8/30/16)


Objectives: 1) I can say simple Chinese greeting terms / classroom expressions. 2) I can write simple Chinese picture characters. 3) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese school routines. 4) I can explore Chinese folk art of folding paper.
Homework: Review 6 learned Chinese characters / learned terms (qi3 li4, jing4 li3).
1. 1) Quick review (characters + terms). 2) Teach new terms. 3) Teach (日, 月). 4) Video clips: Beijing / character animation. 5) Culture reading: Chinese school. Collect article papers. 6) Video: Chinese school.

2. 1) Pass out colored paper. 2) Follow Ms. Chang’s instructions.


Procedure for MS 8P Pre-Algebra Class (8/30/16)

Objectives: 1) I can use i-Ready to assess my math proficiency. 2) I can complete a 5-level project + POW #1.
Homework: POW#1 and 5-level project are due on Friday, 9/2/16.
1. 1) Check Progress Book for accuracy, please. Return 2 pre-assessment and 5-level papers. It is about finding and learning from mistakes. (Bobby, Connor/Jacob, Mary) talk to Ms. Chang, please. (Kate, T.J., Hudson, Tyler, Vanja) adopt 4 students, please. Give Ms. Chang your list, please. One copy (Level 4 quick check) without name.

1. 2) Warm up question. Use your dry erase board / marker.   3) Continue i-Ready for 25 minutes.

2. Seat work: 5-level project + POW #1.

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