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Procedures for 9/1/16

Procedure for HS 1P/2P Chinese IV Class (9/1/16)

Objectives: 1) I can take a sick leave. 2) I can create an oral presentation / PPT presentation.
Homework: 1) Know p. 88 new characters / text passages by next Wednesday, 9/7/2016. 2) Present your skit card dialogue tomorrow. Cannot read from your paper. Prompts will be on board. 3) Google Docs share with Ms. Chang your PPT and speaking task script by the end of Monday, 9/5/16.
1. 1) Please invite your parents for open house tonight. 2) Writing practice. 3) Teach text p. 88.
2. Seat work: Summer Break Activities project / Speaking Task #1.


Procedure for MS 5P Chinese I Class (9/1/16)

Objectives: 1) I can tell the differences among various administrative units in China. 2) I can say / blend / comprehend simple greeting terms and classroom expressions.
Homework: 1) Review Greetings Unit. 2) Know 12 number characters for in class activities tomorrow.
1. 1) (Kate, Annette) talks to Ms. Chang, please. Check your e-mail and PB Resource link (under Resource tab on left-hand side of the screen) for a Greeting terms unit audio file resource. 2) Quick review (blending, dictation, meaning). 3) Teach new terms (Dong le ma, Dong le, Bu Dong, Dui Bu Qi, Mei Guan Xi).
2. 1) Highlight China Reading packet #2 key terms. 2) Video clips (XinJiang / Tibet Autonomous Regions).

3. Pair activity (dictation, meaning, dice, speaking).


Procedure for MS 7P Exploratory Chinese Class (9/1/16)

Objectives: 1) I can say simple Chinese number characters. 2) I can say simple Chinese greeting terms and classroom expressions. 3) I can gain cultural knowledge about Forbidden City in China. 4) I can explore origami.
Homework: Review learned greeting terms.
1. 1) Return writing papers. (Leah, Kirk, Annie) talk to Ms. Chang, please. 2) Quick review (characters, greeting terms). 3) Teach (一, 二, 三). 4) Teach (Dong le ma, Dong le, Bu Dong).

3. 1) Video clips: Forbidden City. 2) Origami time!!


Procedure for MS 8P Pre-Algebra Class (9/1/16)

Objectives: 1) I can use i-Ready to assess my math proficiency. 2) I can complete POW#1 and 5-level project to prepare my test #1.
Homework: POW#1 and Level 5 work are due tomorrow.
1. 1) Return papers. 2) Warm up questions. Use your dry erase board and marker. 3) New requirements for Team Challenge work.

2. 1) Complete i-Ready. 2) Seat work: POW#1 and Level-5 Work.

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