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Procedures for 9/19/16

Procedure for HS 1P/2P Chinese IV Class (9/19/16)

Objectives: 1) I can showcase my mastery of describing sickness. 2) I can introduce myself.
Homework: 1) Complete reading Ni Hao One text passages / tongue twister tomorrow. 2) Tomorrow is the last day to turn in your revised work on Summer Project.
1. 1) (1P: Ian / Abigail, McKenna, Sydney, Natalia, Maddy, Josh, Ian; 2P: Luke) talk to Ms. Chang, please. 2) Lesson Eight chapter test.
2. If time is available, please do 1) speaking task #2 and/or 2) Reading text passages + tongue twister.


Procedure for MS 5P Chinese I Class (9/19/16)

Objectives: 1) I can blend and discriminate compound vowels. 2) I can solve math equations in listening, reading, speaking and writing. 3) I can prepare for my chapter test.
Homework: Chapter test: tomorrow.
1. 1) List of MC question was sent to you yesterday. Get a copy of handout.  2) Game time.
2. Quick review (listening, reading, writing, sounding out equation, blending, sounding out syllables + telephone numbers)
3. Pair activity: go over MC question list (Get a netbook if you want to).


Procedure for MS 7P Exploratory Chinese Class (9/19/16)

Objectives: 1) I can showcase my mastery of Chinese counting principle. 2) I can talk about myself in Chinese. 3) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese zodiac animals.
Homework: Review sentences #1-#6.
1. 1) Return oral presentation draft. 2) Quick review (一,…, 十 ). 3) Quiz #1.
2. 1) Teach (nian ji). 2) Write sentence #6. Read sentences #1-#6. 3) Video clip: Chinese zodiac story.


Procedure for MS 8P Pre-Algebra Class (9/19/16)

Objectives: I can showcase my mastery of telling differences between linear and nonlinear equations.
Homework: 1) MathXL (POW#2.5) work is due in class tomorrow. 2) POW#3 is due on this Friday, 9/26/16. 3) New cycle of i-Ready (9/19-9/25). 4) Team Challenge from last Friday is due tomorrow.
1. 1) Return all papers. (Jake, Connor, Sofia, Grant, Kate) talk to Ms. Chang, please. Team Challenge Charts were sent to your e-mail account.  Please use them to complete your work. 2) Please claim your papers.  Ms. Chang has 4 papers without name!!!
2. 1) Unit #2 quiz. 2) If you are done, seat work: POWs #2.5 + POW#3 + Team Challenge paper + i-Ready (if you have not done so…)

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