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Procedures for 10/28/16

Procedure for HS 1P/2P Chinese IV Class (10/28/16)

Objectives: 1) I can present a story that I created with a partner. 2) I can sustain an one-minute conversation dialogue. 3) I can learn and apply slang and idioms.
Homework: 1) Know 8 learned characters by Monday, 10/31/16. 2) 2nd quarter slang / idiom quiz: Friday, 11/4/16. Articles are in PB Resources link.
1. 1) (1P) Lesson Nine oral exam modeling + critique.  2) Story narration presentation.

2. While Ms. Chang conducts Lesson Nine oral exam <=> 1) Pair activity: IC Lesson One (pages 3 – top of 4) / Ni Hao Two Lesson Four text passages. 2) Reading articles about slang and idiom.


Procedure for MS 5P Chinese I Class (10/28/16)

Objectives: 1) I can showcase my mastery of greetings terms. 2) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese characters through enrichment video clips.
Homework: 1) Lesson Four character definitions. 2) Review (d / l) sections.
1. 1) Turn in Lesson Two character worksheet. Take a copy of Lesson Four character worksheet. 2) Highlight questions. Lesson Two chapter test.
2. If you are done with the test, 1) work on L4 definitions. 2) Get a netbook and watch videos from Google Docs, Links to Video Clips for Songs, Culture Knowledge and Story of Chinese Characters, that Ms. Chang sent you on 10/5/2016.


Procedure for MS 7P Exploratory Chinese Class (10/28/16)

Objectives: 1) I can count from zero to one hundred. 2) I can talk about myself in Chinese. 3) I can gain cultural knowledge about Terracotta Warriors.
Homework: Test #2: Monday, 10/31/16.
1. 1) Take one copy of oral presentation handout. 2) Count from 0 to 100. 3) Go over handout. Teach (sui). Write sentences #1-#2.
2. 1) Video clip: Terracotta Warriors. 2) Tea time / showcase varieties of tea.


Procedure for MS 8P Pre-Algebra Class (10/28/16)

Objectives: 1) I can utilize transformation (rotate, translation, reflection) to change the way a picture looks. 2) I can review state standards quizzes.   3) I can complete / correct mistakes on my assignments.
Homework: 1) MathXL work is due in class on Wednesday, 11/2/16. 2) POW #8: Friday, 11/4/16. 3) i-Ready is due on Sunday, 10/30/16. 4) Picture transformation project is due on Friday, 11/4/16.
1. 1) Turn in your POW#7 and Practice worksheet #2 if you have not done so.  Return all papers. One paper without name. Please claim…..(Connor, Grant, Vanja / Bobby, Connor, Jesse) talk to Ms. Chang, please.

1. 2) Log in Google Classroom for state standards quizzes.

2. Seat work: 1) Picture transformation project.  2) Complete / Fix all assignments.

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