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Procedures for 1/25/17

Procedure for HS 2P Chinese IV Class (1/25/17)

Objectives: 1) (1P) I can present my skit. 2) I can say a tongue twister fluently. 3) I can prepare for my chapter test.
功课: 1) Complete tongue twister/skit today. 2) Lesson Three oral exam: Wednesday, 2/1/17 and Thursday, 2/2/17. Lesson Three chapter test: Monday, 2/6/17.
1. 1) Get a netbook. 2) Read Ni Hao Three Lesson Two. 3) Writing practice. 3) Skit presentation. 3) Group cooking team (cooking, cleaning, setting up/putting away).
2. While Ms. Chang conducts tongue twister task <=> 1) Practice conversation questions practice. 2) Slang / Idioms articles (要饭、饭票、霸王餐): Resources Link.



Procedure for MS 5P Chinese I Class (1/25/17)

Objectives: 1) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions. 2) I can prepare for my chapter test.
Homework: 1) Complete oral exam by tomorrow. 2) Speed character recognition quiz: Friday, 2/3/17. 3) Read text pages 47-48 / 51-53.
1. 1) (Carson) completes sounding out sentences oral exam, please. Take one oral exam prompt slip. 2) Get a group of 5 students and divide your work into (2 cooking, 2 cleaning, setting up / putting things away). Turn in your list to Ms. Chang.
2. While Ms. Chang conducts oral exam <=> Seat work: 1) Conversation questions. 2) Review speed recognition list.


Procedure for MS 7P Exploratory Class (1/25/17)

Objectives: 1) I can gain cultural knowledge about calligraphy and how characters have evolved over the years. 2) I can say simple Chinese greeting terms. 3) I can write simple Chinese characters.
Homework: Review 23 learned terms + 6 learned characters.
1. 1) (Jessica, Haylee) talk to Ms. Chang, please. 2) Quick review. 3) Teach (dong le ma, dong le, bu dong).

2. 1) Video clips: calligraphy / character animation. 2) Teach characters (人, 水). 3) Showcase artifacts (Four Treasures of the Study).


Procedure for MS 8P Pre-Algebra Class (1/25/17)

Objectives: I can prepare for my unit #11 quiz.
Homework: 1) i-Ready cycle: 1/23/17-1/29/17. 2) POW#14 is due on 1/27/17. 3) Bring in your graph paper + cheat-cheat sheet for quiz tomorrow.
1. 1) Return papers (Jake). One MathXL work is without name? Unit #12 has been posted to Google Classroom already. MathXL #12 has been fixed for you to start. 2) (Hudson, Tyler) talk to Ms. Chang, please. You are allowed to have a rotation rules as a reference tomorrow. 2) Watch a 5-minute video about rotation rules with a link attached in Google Classroom.
2. 2) Seat work: Unit #11 Study Guide + POW #14 + i-Ready.

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