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Procedures for 3/6/17

Procedure for HS 1P/ 2P Chinese IV Class (3/6/17)

Objectives: 1) I can showcase my mastery of Lesson Four conversation questions. 2) I can prepare for my chapter test.
功课: 1) 三月七日星期二第四课笔试 (听力和阅读). 2) 三月八日星期三第四课笔试 (造句) + (1P) 口试.
1. 1) (Evy, Sydney, Natalia) talk to Ms. Chang, please.
2) Revised bell schedule tomorrow. Only listening and reading parts are given tomorrow. Writing section will be on Wednesday.
3) (1P) Will continue oral exam on Wednesday, 3/8/17.
4) Check PB for accuracy (Aaron).
5) Answer key to listening and reading sections has been posted.
2. Oral exam <=> study session.


Procedure for MS 5P Chinese I Class (3/6/17)

Objectives: 1) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions. 2) I can talk about my language skills and nationality.
Homework: 1) Lesson Eight oral exam starts on Wednesday, 3/8/17. 2) Lesson Eight chapter test: Friday, 2/10/17. 3) Grammar corrections / Scrambled sentences worksheet is due tomorrow. 4) All VC activities are due tonight. 5) All retakes have to be done by Friday, 3/10/17.
1. 1) Check PB for accuracy, please. (Malina** / Emma, Carson, Julianna, Carson) talk to Ms. Chang, please. Fill out any sticky note for retake requests, please. Fill out sticky note for Michael’s request. 2) Quick review. 3) Go over Lesson Eight chapter test study guide. 4) Writing practice. 5) Oral Q/A. 6) Go over text pages 74-76.
2. 1) Seat work: worksheet + VC activities. 2) Pair work: conversation practice .


Procedure for MS 7P Exploratory Class (3/6/17)

Objectives: 1) I can gain cultural knowledge about the Great Wall of China. 2) I can say simply Chinese greeting terms and classroom expressions. 3) I can write simple Chinese characters.
Homework: Review 14 learned terms.
1. 1) Return papers. Take one copy of 20 Chinese characters handout. 2) Quick review. 3) Teach (xie xie, bu xie, bu ke qi) & classroom activity. 4) Pass out / explain square papers. 5) Teach characters (山, 木).
2. Video clip: Great Wall of China.


Procedure for MS 8P Pre-Algebra Class (3/6/17)

Objectives: I can solve linear equations proficiently and accurately.
Homework: 1) i-Ready cycle: 3/6/17-3/12/17. 2) POW #19 is due on Friday, 3/10/17. 3) Unit #16 quiz: Tuesday, 3/14/17.
1. 1) Return papers. Turn in your pre-test paper, please.  2) (Jimmy, Tommy, Connor, Mary–unit #15 / Kaitlyn, Maddie, Jimmy–unit #14 / Shawn–POW #18 paper / Lily–Pretest) talk to Ms. Chang.  3) Recognition (T.J., Maddie, Renee, Hudson, Vanja).  4) New Unit #16 Unit Page with updated due date. Each student has his/her pile of work for this 5-level project (20 points).  5) (Jesse, Tyler, Mary, Alyssa, Maddie, Jacob, Shawn, Jimmy, Anthony, Connor, ) have mistake in your practice worksheet.   6) Explain 5-level project procedure.

2.  1) Recommendation in writing expressions.  2) Seat work: 5-level project + i-Ready + POW #19.


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