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Procedures for 9/25/17

HS 1P/3P Algebra I Class (9/25/17)

Objectives: I can practice finding slopes and writing linear equations while solving a challenging team puzzle..
Homework: 1) H/W: Section 2.2.3 Pages 74-75 (Problems #2-70 to #2-74). 2) Quiz #7 (writing an equation with a given slope & a point): Wednesday, 9/27/17. 3) Quiz #8 – interpreting slope and y-intercept: Friday, 9/29/17. 4) Chapter Two team test: Monday, 10/2/17. 5) Chapter Test individual test: Friday, 10/6/17.
1. 1) Return H/W + quiz #5 papers. Turn in your H/W. (3P: Logan, Caroline) talk to Ms. Chang, please. New announcement (staying after 2A and 4A for tutoring if you fail the quiz and for makeup work if you do not complete homework). 2) (1P) Motivational Monday (The Wisdom of Geese). 3) Function, domain and range review (10 practice problems). 4) Quiz #6.
2. 1) Resource managers get resource page 2.2.3. 2) In class discussion (Problems #2-68 to #2-69). 3) (3P) BeeTV announcement.



MS 5P Chinese I Class (9/25/17)

Objectives: 1) I can prepare for my chapter test. 2) I can blend and discriminate vowels and consonants.
Homework: 1) Lesson Three chapter test: tomorrow. 2) Review ‘ai’ and ‘ao’ sections. 3) Turn in your Lesson Three character worksheet.
1. 1) Greetings. Take one copy of Compound Vowels (1) handout.
2. 1) Lesson Three chapter test pretest: Kahoot game + listening + writing practice. 2) Dictation (zh sh ch r c s z syllables).



MS 7P Exploratory Chinese (9/25/17)

Objectives: 1) I can showcase my mastery of colors and sibling terms. 2) I can brainstorm ideas for my art project through viewing sample projects.
Homework: 1) Oral presentation: tomorrow. 2) Bring in your art supplies to work on in class tomorrow.
1. 1) Return draft #2. Complete all retakes by Friday, 9/29/17. 2) Quick review. 3) Quiz #2. 4) Draw a stick for presentation order. 5) Read sentences #1-#10. 6) Introduce a website for typing pinyin.

2. Showcase more art project samples (drawings, PPTs, videos, crafts, etc.).

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