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Procedures for 10/12/17

HS 1P/3P Algebra I Class (10/12/17)

Objectives: 1) I can solve equations using algebra tiles. 2) I can review for my quiz and chapter test.
Homework: 1) Section 3.2.1 Page 108 (#3 – 39 to #3 – 44, skip #3-40) — on a worksheet. 2) Formative quiz #10: Monday, 10/16/17. 3) Chapter 3 Individual Test (Part I): Tuesday, 10/24/2017.
1. 1) Return homework papers. (1P: Sydney, Sam; 3P: Maria) talk to Ms. Chang, please. Last day to retake or turn in any makeup work: Friday, 10/20/17. Suggestion: redo your exponent practice worksheet. Address common mistakes. 2) Check H/W. Questions? Collect. 3) Practice quiz problems.
2. 1) In class group work (stations). 2) Practice chapter test problems. 3) (3P) BeeTV announcement.


MS 5P Chinese I Class (10/12/17)

Objectives: 1) I can blend and discriminate vowels and constants. 2) I can review for my chapter test.
Homework: 1) Listening VC. 2) Chinese character writing assignment. 3) Review (‘y’, ‘w’) sections.
1. 1) Greetings. (Sofia, Sam) talk to Ms. Chang, please. Audio file has been attached for your VC activity. All submitted VCs have been graded for you to fix mistakes. 2) Teach (是, 林). 3) Teach (‘y’, ‘w’) sections. 3) Go over Lesson Two study guide.
2. 1) Dictation. 2) VC listening activity + redo to fix mistakes.



MS 7P Exploratory Chinese (10/12/17)

Objectives: 1) I can say simple Chinese greetings terms. 2) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese tea. 3) I can write simple Chinese characters.
Homework: Review 26 learned greeting terms.
1. 1) (Ayden) talk to Ms. Chang, please. Collect culture reading article. 2) Quick review (21 terms + 4 characters.).

2. 1) Teach (shang ke, xia ke, dui bu qi, mei guan xi, tong xue men hao). 2) Teach (水, 人). 3) Video clip: Chinese tea.

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