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Procedures for 11/13/17

HS 1P/3P Algebra I Class (11/13/17)

Objectives: I can rewrite equations to solve word problems.
Homework: 1) Section 4.1.2 Page 152 (#4-25 to #4-30) & 4.1.2 Math Notes — The Equal Values Method. 2) Formative Quiz #14 (Solving Equations–substitution): Friday, 11/17/17.
1. 1) Sit on your new seat, please. Collect your cell phone. (1P: Matt, Sarah, Marco, Sam, Kane; 3P: Logan) talk to Ms. Chang, please. Treat time (1P: Michael, Emma G., Natalie; 3P: Marko, Christian, Christina). 2) Inspirational Monday video clip.
2. 1) In class discussion (4.1.2 Notes & #4-20 through #4-24). 2) Return chapter three individual test papers. Collect. 3) (3P) BeeTV announcement.


MS 5P Chinese I Class (11/13/17)

Objectives: 1) I can play Kahoot game to review for my chapter test. 2) I can prepare for your sight reading assessment.
Homework: 1) Lesson Four character worksheet is due tomorrow. 2) Study for your chapter test. 3) Complete your VC activities for grades, please. 4) Return your field trip permission form with signature by Friday, 11/17/17. Finalize and report to Ms. Chang your lunch selection by Friday, 11/17/17.
1. 1) Greeting. Take one copy of field trip permission slip. (Chris, Hundson, Miriel, Miriam, Jesse, Sam, Vince) talk to Ms. Chang, please. Go over sight-reading pinyin sentence checklist. 2) Quick review (14 characters).
2. 1) Go over text pages 29-31. 2) Oral conversation modeling. 3) Kahoot game.


MS 7P Exploratory Chinese (11/13/17)

Objectives: 1) I can understand Ms. Chang’s classroom rules and routine. 2) I can complete a student survey.
Homework: Signature slip is due on Friday, 11/17/17.
1. 1) Sit on your assigned seat. 2) Check your team assignment. 3) Go over Ms. Chang’s classroom (handouts/homework/supplies) / opening routine + daily blog.
2. 1) Pass out / Go over Ms. Chang’s classroom rules. 2) Pass out / fill in Student Survey. Will continue tomorrow.

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