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Procedures for 1/25/18

HS 1P/3P Algebra I Class (1/25/18)

Objectives: I can find the least squares regression line (LSRL) using a calculator and understand that it is the line that minimizes the sum of the squares of the residuals..
Homework: Section 6.1.4 HW WS (Pages 263~265: #6 – 35, 39, 43, 45, 46) + Section 6.1.4 Math Notes — Residuals.
1. 1) Return papers. Collect your cell phone. (3P: Brian, Tommy, Lidia, Breanna / Tommy, Christina) talk to Ms. Chang, please. Sophomore class meeting at 3P / Freshmen have a class meeting at 9P today. Quick summary of Formative #20. 2) Check H/W. Questions? Collect. 3) Review geometric sequence & recursive equation (Section 5.3.3 Practice worksheet).
2. 1) Complete section 6.1.3 worksheet. 2) (3P) BeeTV announcement.


MS 5P Chinese I Class (1/25/18)

Objectives: 1) I can prepare for my chapter test. 2) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions.
Homework: 1) Family slides are due tomorrow. 2) Study!!
1. 1) Greetings. (Jimmy, Halle) get answers to grammar corrections from peers, please. Writing practice problems are available in study guide. Who brought in a photo for me to scan? 2) Common mistakes in your family slides (font size, no picture). 3) Oral exam (Neela, Isabel, Becky, Miriam, Helle, Hallie, Vince, Joey, Sam, Jesse, Sofia).


MS 7P Exploratory Chinese (1/25/18)

Objectives: 1) I can say simple Chinese greetings terms. 2) I can gain cultural knowledge about Chinese food.
Homework: Review 11 learned terms.
1. 1) Any signature slip? (Lily) talk to Ms. Chang, please. 2) Quick review. 3) Teach (Zao, Ni Zao, Zao An, Zao Shang Hao, Wu An, Wan An).

2. 1) Video clip: Calligraphy / Bento box. 2) Culture reading: Chinese food. 3) Showcase artifacts (Four Treasures of Study).

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